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Injector/Cam Larder Studs 1.6 HDI
Hi all

recently bought a 2008 1.6HDI as a run-around for supplies and to the tip while doing a basement conversion. Its done 150k

To try and clear some white smoke on startup, I attempted to remove the glowplugs. Unfortunately all 4 tips snapped off in the head and as a result I currently have the head off the engine.

I discovered the usual injector leak on cylinder 3 as I stripped the head off. Anyway, I have cleaned out the carbon on all the intake galleries in the head, cam larder and intake manifold, EGR cooler etc (I would estimate that they were 80% choked) and about to lap in valves and replace the stem seals prior to rebuild.

I have the Haynes manual which has been a bit sketchy so far. I have purchased new studs and nuts for the injectors. The studs actually go through and help secure the cam larder. They have a male star/torx top and require a female socket to secure. Does anyone know the torque settings for these and also the outer bolts which secure the cam larder ? I have read that the injector nuts at 4NM plus 65 degrees however I cant find anything for the studs


* Camshaft 'Ladder'. Wink
The torx bit snaps off very easily so be very careful even if you do them to the correct torque.  I haven't got the torque settings handy but can find them later for you if nobody beats me too it.

10nm was what i found
10nm is basically little more than just nipped up by hand.
Hi all,

Thanks for the above. I actually found the 10nm in the Haynes manual, my fault for overlooking it. 

Everything is rebuilt now but having trouble getting it to start, I replaced the fuel filter while I was doing the work so i think I have air in the system.

I have tried hand pumping the bulb on top of the engine hundreds of time, can hear the diesel slosh in the pipe. The priming bulb gets a bit fun but never solid. Have ran the battery flat twice now too. 

When the battery has enough charge it’s turning over at approx 500rpm and pops and splutters like it is trying to start along with the odd puff of exhaust fumes. Seems that fuel is getting to the cylinders but not quite right.

my priming bulb felt pretty vague after a filter fitting pippo, but it fired up no probs, any rail pressure readings while cranking ?
They can be very difficult to bleed up when they have been apart for a while, I guess you are just pushing the fuel back and forth with the priming bulb.

Give it a squirt of carb cleaner or eazy start into the inlet to see if it fires.up, if you can get it to run for a few seconds it's often enough to pull the diesel through and allow it to prime up.

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
Thanks folks,

Frank I don’t have Lexia, I do have one of those generic dongles which connect the obd to iPhone but not tried it yet. Not sure if it would be that advanced. Or do you mean take readings mechanically?

JJ9 The fuel pipes were open for the best part of 2 weeks so no doubt lots of air in there.

Will try the easy start tomorrow if I can get hold of some
On Boxing Day and post back.
yes a dongle and torque app pippo, and i had to resort to easystart after refitting the injector pipes too
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  • Art b
Easy start worked, took the van for a 20 mile round trip.

Seems to be running fine but it seems underpowered to me. It’s only 75bhp version but it really struggles up the hills on the motorway, dropping to 55 in 4th.

Don’t know if it’s normal for the 75bhp version or if there is a problem. No fault codes stored

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