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Idler Pulley
On my 1.6 HDI the aux belt has come off, looks like a idler pulley has come off, there is a metal shaft just underneath the power steering pump pulley, looks like the remains of a pulley, but I can't see how the bloody thing comes off, I guess there is a screw or bolt of some sort in the centre, is there some sort of cap on it? and what kind of head does it have?

Thanks in advance.
Hi - some idler pulleys do come with a dust cap but if the pulley has gone walkabout then most likely that would have too. On mine the pulleys come with (say) a 17mm (ish) diameter internal gap into which a spacer fits bringing the hole down to around 10mm and also holds the pulley off the block by (say) 5mm or so.Then there's a pretty normal flanged head bolt that fits through that and screws into the block. - That's likely the metal shaft that you can see.

There's some good pictures on the link below (no idea if that's the correct part but it gives you an idea as to what you should be seeing.
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Thanks for that, it looks like the centre part of the dust cap has stayed put, and the outer part gone, I'll try to pry it off, it also looks as if the centre bolt is also the top bolt for the alternator?
There's an idler on an alternator bolt & another idler that's part of the tensioner. The alternator idler has a bolt through it. The tensioner is held onto the engine block with a large allen or torx bolt, the tensioner idler has a separate bolt. The tensioner is spring loaded & is released by turning the idler bolt.
The diag in the link is for engines without aircon, looks like the aircon engines have one less idler, you can follow the sections backwards via the blue headings under 'Parts'

The tensioner idler part number is for the complete unit but there are several items on ebay with just the roller, as per GraemeT's link. I've not had mine apart so don't know how difficult it is to separate the tensioner parts or remove it from the block. There are lots of similar parts for this function, I've found Catcar to be quite accurate in the past although it's not really practical to buy from them. You can input your VIN into Catcar and that way be pretty sure it's what you need.
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Thanks that's great, I've managed to get it off and ordered a replacement pulley and belt from Citroen, just up the road from me, that catcar looks like a great resource for future reference though, I'll bookmark that one, just got to figure out how the belt is routed around everything now :-)
This one looks about right for the Aircon version:
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Thanks, no aircon unfortunately, I found a youtube video that showed how it went on, so it's all done, thanks again for all the help.
Glad you have it sorted, please can you post a link to the video?
Thanks, it was this one

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