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Central Display sudden multiple issues
Dear all. My 56 plate (Partner Multi) has been fabulous and very little trouble. Still only on 85,000 on clock.
The central display has recently started to pixelate and lose any ability to display coherent lettering and numerals. Fairly suddenly starting, but car is running fine.

Today, I had a flat battery and on jumpstarting, the car is fine, but the central display unit is worse than ever.

Could it be discharging as a result of plenum water, or are there particular earths to check that might result in this?

I'd be grateful for thoughts. Wiring in general has been un-fiddled with so I'm suspecting corrosion somewhere.

Thanks in anticipation...
FWIW on mine the display also goes funny every so often, usually when damp, losing digits mostly, sometimes with just a few random bits still lit. But it sorts itself out eventually, sometimes just after re-starting when the car's warmed up. 53 plate and 130k miles on mine.
Is it the display with the time / date you're having problems with? If so, search for 'MFD' or Multi Function Display. There are a few posts about pixelation IIRC, it may be simpler to replace it.

You can check the battery voltage with a multimeter, or via the OBD port. Checking while the engine is stopped & when running will tell you if the battery is being charged. Check the battery earth is sound.
good points - thank you all. that gives me something to play with. Yes, the central date/time/radio/ecomode thing!
I also get this issue if my '04 Berlingo is left unused for a while in very damp weather ( we get a lot of that in Wales )
After a day or so's use with the heater on it sorts itself out no problem .
Mine always starts pixelating this time of year, also the stereo volume starts playing up, presume it's the damp cold weather?

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