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[Warning Light] Risk of filter clogging
Hi everyone,
I intermittently get the yellow warning triangle and the risk of filter clogging message.
It only happens when I'm accelerating hard and is usually when I'm hitting 40mph in 3rd gear, 50mph in 4th and 60 in 5th. It never seems to  happen when I'm driving normally.
I've also driven the car for 30 minutes in 4th gear at 2500rpm to clear the dpf but the warning still comes back.

what I'm wondering is could the warning be related to anything other than the dpf.

My car... 2012 Berlingo multispace 1,6 VTR 90 EGS
Year of vehicle, model, miles?

Notice my signature.....If yours was the same I wouldn't have to ask !

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
Good idea with the signature thing. Must do the same
I've added car details to my signature....good idea  Wink

The car has done 123000 miles.
My car... 2012 Berlingo multispace 1,6 VTR 90 EGS
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  • jj9
Hi there - if you are still on the original DPF then it may well just be needing replacement - I (think) most get swapped out at 70 - 100,000 miles but don't quote me :-)
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  • billym
I'm no expert on DPF filters as I've avoided owning a vehicle that has one fitted, but your problem does sound like the DPF may be partially blocked, maybe it has reached the end of it's life?

There's a lot of mis information out there relating to DPF's and one of them is to drive the car in a low gear to keep the revs up so the DPF will perform a regeneration process.
In order for a regen to take place there are a few criteria that have to be met, the vehicle has to have been travelling over a certain speed for a set period of time, the oil / coolant temperature has to be over a set level and most importantly the DPF soot level needs to be over a set level.

If the soot level isn't over the set level a regen won't take place no matter how you drive.

There is also a set number of times that the system will attempt to perform a regen if the regen has been interrupted, for example the system could be calling for a regen and all of the criteria has been met so one is started, then you slow down (traffic) so the regen is halted, there are only so many attempts made before the system locks out and the only way to do a regen is a forced regen by having the vehicle plugged in to a diagnostic machine.  

That's my understanding of how the systems work but I stand to be corrected on some or all of it as the systems are changing all of the time.

Hopefully someone will advise that has had the same problem.

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
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  • billym
I believe it would save us simpletons a lot of angst if a light came on when regenerating.I do mostly longish runs with a few short in between.It's now done 15,000 miles.It's a HDi 100 Blue.
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Not related and american ,but shocking anyway
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  • ron
Mu 2011 PUG Partner tepee is now doing more or less the same thing. My DPF has done 180k km, and it is getting near swapping time, it starts to get proprely clogged. Still, these warnings go away either after 3 on/off cycles, or, when it is really pressing for some time and it does not go away, then I do a motorway run (you have to have more than 1/4 of diesel in the tank) above 2800 rpm for 30 minutes or so. This removes the alarms until the next diesel tank.
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  • billym
Hi , sorry for the late reply.

Thanks jj9 for the very helpful explanation of the regen process.

Ron, A light would be a great idea.

Luis Rosa. Thanks, that sounds just like my problem.


My car... 2012 Berlingo multispace 1,6 VTR 90 EGS

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