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stereo light stays on
I have a 2003 multispace and the stereo lights stay on even after ignition switched off which i think drains the battery after a few days,any ideas on solving the problem.
Search on here for the BSI reset, also maybe let the car stand with the bonnet propped open, doors closed & without the key in for about 30 mins to be sure the car has fully shut down, then disconnect the battery for another 30?
If it's a after market radio , the permanent live and the key live wires could be swapped around causing this sort of problem.
If this is the case and you have the ability you could swap them, if you don't like wireing you can get a autoleads or connects2 adapter harness that swaps them for you.


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no its the standard radio fitted. i will try look for a wiring diagram to see where the permenent live is supposed to go
I could be on the wrong track , but if a previous owner had different radio installed but replaced the original to sell the vehicle, they may have left the adaptor harness in place which would reverse the key / permanent live for the original radio.
It's worth looking to see if a extra piece of wiring is between the stereo and the cars loom.

They look like this one, with one end that fits inside the other.


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still original wiring, there used to be a hands free phone fitted, i have removed all the remains of that, i will check the permenant live to se if its going to correct pin on does say peugeot on stereo not citroen
not too sure if attachtment photo works    


green yellow = earth
white= permenant live
small green= feed switches off after ignition turned off and after click sound behind dash.
small orange= becomes live after a while when ignition is turned off.
small blue= nothing.
small pink=live when ignition on.
its a VDO RD03-01
I have steering controls

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