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Not at the moment thanks
Hello folks, I'm still here and still have the Berlingo (45,000 miles and counting in 4 years) 

While mine was in for an MOT last week I took out one of the latest models. 

Initial impressions were that the ride seemed smoother but not vastly different to mine. The technology though was a different level. A kind of information overload! I must admit I'm a little ambivalent to technology and I rather like the lack of it on our car. Simple and straightforward. 

I'd like cruise control but that's about it. Then again, I've not lived with lane divergence, proximity warnings etc so perhaps I'm just being a dinosaur. 

All in all I liked it, until it came to the price.  

Well over £20k for a decent spec....

No longer a cheap buy. 

I think I'll be waiting for some of the demonstrators to come on the market.
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You sound like me ................. Thanks for the update.
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Scary modern cars my bro has a 14 plate beemer..
It's always throwing up faults...

2004 ,1.9d Berlingo Multispace.
called Brian... Smile
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Yep you can ram your tech, im a less to go wrong kind of man .
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Yeah. Just try to tinker with a 'modern' car...
And all those 'helper functions' may keep some drivers safe, but if those systems fail, they'll kill themselves or others because of it.

Those lane sensors doesn't work if the road is too narrow to have a centerline(not too uncommon here in Norway, and according to all the motor shows from England, they're pretty common in England, too) or even the outside lines....
There's already been way too many stories about Tesla owners almost causing accidents because as soon as it comes to a road without a centerline, it will position itself in the middle of the road...

My car has Airbags.
No ABS, no cruise control(I wouldn't mind it now and then) or any other hand-holding crap.
According to my brother, who used to drive a more modern Suzuki XL7 (Now replaced by a Nissan Leaf...), he had to switch off anti-spin when he drove up the road to my parents house in the winter.
It's full of pot holes and large rocks starting to break through the asphalt, is probably 30degrees steep at places, and have a turn. It's also narrow...
(Common techniques is to take a running start, up to at least 30Km/h or whatever you can get it to in first gear without blowing a gasket, and hope you get up... )
Any time he tried to drive up with traction systems active, they'd freak out as first one, then another wheel would lose traction, often more than once a second as it bounced over the holes...
Since I don't have any of that crap, and no 4WD either, I do the trip in reverse...
(You do NOT want to back down that road in the winter... )
Or put on chains...

Anyway, I consider the Berlingo the spiritual descendant of the 2CV. Cheap, simple and all-purpose. I don't really think the latest version follow that philosophy.
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I'm with OP on this, I'll be looking to get a significantly newer (than my current '10-plate) Multispace in May/June. I'm hoping that the arrival of the new model will free up some bargains on low-mileage 14 or 64-plate models. The current car rattles and bumps particularly at slow speed on local pot-holed roads, I'd like to think that a newer model would be smoother/quieter, but that and the lower age and mileage are all I'm really looking for.
2016 Multispace XTR BlueHDi 100 S/S Gris Artense Met
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Thanks folks. I’m glad I’m not alone.

It’s disappointing that Citroen have moved the car out of the “cheap” category but i also think they probably didn’t have any choice given that the safety ratings these days mean they wouldn’t be able to sell the cars without the bells and whistles.
I absolutely love mine. I’ve covered 2500 miles in the first three weeks of ownership.

The lane guidance is a bit scary at first but it is easily overridden - it certainly makes sure you indicate when pulling out to overtake on a motorway!

City brake is another function that’s a bit strange - I obviously brake a little late as it beeps at me quite a lot. I did activate once due to some old guy walking out in front of me with his dog. Didn’t activate for the guy as I saw him, his dog was dragging behind and although I was never going to hit either of them, the brakes came on hard.

Automatic full beam lights are one area I’m still getting to grips with. I drive the A3 at night a lot and they come on on their own. You’re always expecting them to dazzle oncoming drivers but do seem to turn off before that happens - at the moment!

The telematics didn’t go a bit mental just before Christmas while driving to Dorset. This was on the day O2 went down so I’d think it’s connected to that.

5th gear in this isn’t the same ratio as my previous 65 plate. It’s more like the 6th gear in my wife’s C4GP. As a result I’m seeing about 58 mpg compared to 50 ish in my previous van.

The live rear view camera is brilliant. When it switches over to the reverse camera it’s great for parking in bays etc as it has guidance arcs based on the direction of your front wheel - makes backing in a doddle.

Build quality compared to previous is a different class - I’ve one niggle about the drivers door but nothing major that can’t be sorted. It does have a very German feel about it now. I’m expecting niggles and things to be sorted as mine is possibly the first van on the road in the uk.

Overall, this is a much nicer place to be and my last van served me well.

Also the three year warranty is now for 100,000 miles which is is 40,000 miles more than the previous version. This is great for me as I’ll cover that in three years before swapping it out for a new one.

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Previous Berlingo: 2015 1.6 L1850 90ps In Artic Steel inc Look Pack and Lighting Pack.

Current Berlingo: K9 2018 Driver M 100ps in Platinum Grey with Safety Pack
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Although I'm ambivalent about the technology I'm sure I'd learn to love it. The main issue for me was the price.

As I said, maybe when the demonstrators and used models start to appear I might have another look.

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