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Engine noise
I was out in the van earlier returning home coming down the motorway when it begun to make a clattering noise, it sounds like the valves to me , I managed to get off the motorway safely but as soon as I dipped the clutch the engine cut out. After being towed home I looked under the bonnet and nothing obvious there , no warning lights came on temp gauge normal prior to clattering noise , as anyone had a similar incident. It is a 1.9 diesel van 20 years old with 102,000 miles under its belt, it will start but makes a loud clattering noise. All fluids are present and its serviced regularly.
It could be any number of things. I'd check the belts & pulleys, see if the fuel pump turns freely, check the valve clearances.
When was the cambelt last changed? I had a 2.0 HDi Picasso (M59) where the cambelt tensioner worked loose. The cambelt slipped a notch as a result. I was doing 70mph at the time, in the outside lane of the M56. The engine lost power and made loud noises and ran very roughly. One pair of valves was damaged but luckily that was all. New valves and a decoke and it was as good as new. But not my wallet!

I don't think it's too difficult to check the cambelt so that's where I would look next, after external checks.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the replies, the cambelt and water pump was changed 4 yrs ago along with a full service, it is serviced regularly, All seams well under the bonnet no obvious damage or leaks of any sort. Mike b as a point with the belt tensioner coming loose I will look at that the first opportunity I get, thanks also cancunia will check the fuel pump, it's twenty years old with 102,000 miles genuine on it but we've owned it from new and this is the first time it's broke down, it's been 100 percent reliable and I feel Citroen 's best small van. Thanks again you guys for your help
Hi did you ever find out what caused the misfire was after lending it to someone recently ? Could be related ?
The misfire was a faulty injector, I cleaned the egr valve with cleaner which clogged the injector I replaced all 4 with reconditioned units along with heater plugs and leak off pipes, and until yesterday ran quieter smoother and improved mpg by 8 mpg, no exhaust smoke either, I do believe Mike b will be right with the cambelt tensioner there are no other signs I,e lights on the dash panel or oil leak fluid leaks , auxbelt is fine it goes into gear easily. First chance I get I will inspect the cambelt, it will start but it makes a lot of rattley noises,
Thanks for the update much obliged.

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