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Remapping 2.0HDi 90 engine
Hi All,

I believe it's possible to have the engine map changed on the 90 HDI motor to give it more power and torque.

There must be someone on here who's had this done successfully, and who can point me in the right direction of a company who can do it?

Any advice? ("buy a faster car isn't advice". It's perfect most of the time as it is, it's just on the longer, heavily laden, 5 up with luggage motorway runs we sometimes do, it needs a bit more overtaking torque)

thanks all!

Firstly, do you have a Bosch or Siemens ECU? There's a plastic cover over it in the engine bay, take it off and you will see which it is.

If you have Bosch, you are lucky and have many options. If however, like me, you have Siemens then your options are severely limited. The Bosch can be much more finely tuned, the Siemens is much more of a take what you're given, apparently it is a very difficult system to understand.

There are many companies and individuals who will remap the Bosch system and I can point you in their directions, but have no experience of them personally. I have recently had my Siemens remapped and can orovide you with the details of the person who carried out the work - this is in Devon. Duamohdi has had his Siemens system remapped by, I believe, a company in Leeds, again I can supply contact details.

Worth doing? Yes. Can't give any details of fuel consumption as I haven't used a full tank yet. Performance is a world apart, put your foot down at 70mph and it accelerates. All the way through the rev range their is a response, again due to the lack of finesse with what's available,mine is a bit smoky. One downside is that since having this done, I've now discovered that I need a new clutch - I didn't need one before !!!

Let me know if I can help anymore
Can you explain me why do you need new clutch?
The remap has increased the torque quite considerably. The original one has done 153,000 miles and was fine, now in 4th or 5th it can slip if I ask too much of it.

By the way, where are you?
(02-12-2011, 07:39 PM)Coco Wrote:  One downside is that since having this done, I've now discovered that I need a new clutch - I didn't need one before !!!

A quick google indicates that this is a known risk with getting a remap - though I'm sure you were well aware of that before you got yours done.

Yes, it was a "calculated gamble". Given the mileage there was every chance that this would happen.

A Bosch remap can be adjusted to limit the amount of torque supplied, the cruder methods applied to the Siemensdon't allow for this. As long as you know the potential gains and lossesbeforehand then you make the best informed choice that you can.
I must confess that when we got our 1.6 HDi at the beginning of this year, I did think a lot about a remap, but in the end of the day, I reckoned that it was too much of a gamble. And when it comes to my the workings of my car, I'm not a gambler.

However, I'm still fascinated enough by remaps that I've been interested to hear about your experiences so far, and I'll be looking forward to further instalments.

Getting this done after christmas, 120 bhp and just over 200 ftlbs from a stage 1...MPG acn actually improve too so I've heard! A decat help them rev more freely aswell (Need to find out wether my old XUD decat pipe will fit actually) Front mount I/C and afew other bits can see 150+ bhp and knocking on 300 ftlbs! As said though the clutch can suffer though lol
'04 Peugeot Partner HDi LX. Lows, Leaks and Wellers. Now matt grey and dent free Smile

Yes, you can squeeze a bit from these. I decatted mine some time ago and it made a pleasing difference and has sailed through MOT's as well.

See Duamohdi for a FMIC, quite tricky to get all the pipes in, but worth doing

Are the XSI brakes worth having? I'd thought about 406 coupe Brembos, but they're expensive and I'm not sure they would fit
Not sure TBH, only got them because they were offered cheap with new discs and pads and the standard ones were knackered lol. 306 GTi6/Xsara VTS brakes would be cheaper and a nice'd need 15" wheels though!
'04 Peugeot Partner HDi LX. Lows, Leaks and Wellers. Now matt grey and dent free Smile


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