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A week has passed.
Hi all 
A week has passed since taking ownership of my new van and thought I would share my views on the topic of Vans , now I must admit that I have a soft spot for Berlingo"s and have owned a few , maybe a few too many , of all of them one in particular I have kept regardless of cost as I like"d it ! . 
Was this a mistake ?
Should we not become attached to a working vehicle ?
When is it time to stop throwing money at it ?
How much does keeping it really matter ?
How much time has it consumed ?
Are Berlingo"s really so good ?

All the above questions I asked myself before making a purchase but the  simple answer was CHARACTER and that alone which has made me a long term Berlingo owner , 11 years for one alone !.
Owning a berlingo like all vehicles , means that there will be problems and lets be honest maybe a few more than some other manufacturers vehicles , but in the most part , particularly earlier models are easily and fairly cheap to rectify if you have the knowledge and tools to repair yourself .
Enhancements or changes that I have made to my long term van maybe were not needed but they did indeed improve ride/handling looks, braking , sound system and looks of vehicle but at what cost in terms of time and money as many of these changes caused a snowball effect , for example when I replaced coil springs I JUST HAD TO REPLACE , struts,top mounts , wishbones drop links wishbones track rod ends , I also remember drilling out the riveted on lower ball joints and replacing with h/duty meyle bolt on ball joints , oh and whilst under there I cleaned and re applied underseal , you know the scene !

Did all the work need doing , NO .
But we will continue to do such things as I believe berlingos do have character and charm and we believe they are worth the investment . 

It could well be that berlingos have an evil element which takes over our minds to control us , as last night I found myself looking on rightmove as I thought it a good idea to move so we could have a massive workshop and keep the old van as a project an maybe get some more as projects , what project the missus said , haven"t you WASTED enough time and money on that OLD HEAP , followed by a hurting comment WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO MAKE YOU HAPPY ?, 
I put this down to the fact that I had interrupted her tv programme of course , but I found it hard to sleep last night at one point I considered the idea of taking the berlingo to a friends field this morning to cremate it and rid myself of this POSSESSION or hold the berlingo has over me .


I will keep you informed and review my driving experience between old and new (nissan nv 200 , tekna 110) soon ,bye for now Paul.

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