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[Brakes] Brake servo removing
Hi all im a newbie !!

Could anyone tell me how you can refit a brake servo on my r reg berlingo van ? I have undone the 4 bolts at the footwell, disconnected the pedal, removed the master cylinder and eventually after 3 hrs of bening and yanking the servo it has finally come out.

I know for a fact i will not get the new one in without damaging it and there is just no room for it to just slide back in.

Has anyone in the past replaced one and what do u take off to fit it in i,e, manifold etc as this is the last thing i want to do as one of the allen key bolts are rounded off inside where the key goes ??

Any info much apretiated please Smile

Model of engine?
Model of Berlingo/Partner?
I have managed to replace the servo fine and master cylinder a week ago.. Now i have a new problem if anyone can help and think this is the reason why all my troubles happend..Basically the reason i changed my servo was because it was full of black engine oil.. The garage told me it was break fluid that has burst through from the master cylinder and the die off the diaphram had discoloured the fluid to make it look like break fluid..Well this musnt of been the case... I noticed my brake light coming on after i fitted all new cylinder and servo to find my fluid was near empty in ressy. I then filled it and all fine brakes was spot on. then today the light came on 2days later. i then topped up again and seemes to be fine. A freind came round today and said u have oil coming out of ur vacuum pump Confused. So we took the pump off and it was full of oil the outlet pipe leading to servo was allso full of oil and gues what ? The servo was filling with oil.. After inspecting the pump it all seems to turn fine etc but just fills with oil. Once i removed the vac pump i noticed oil was trickling out of the block through a little hole that lines up with that little guaze on the pump...Has anyone any ideas why the pump is filling with oil ? Could it be crank case seals gone ? Any help would be great ..
Engine dw8 R reg berlingo 1.9D Smile
Could be the seals on the vacuum pump u/s, causing engine oil to be drwan through from engine into vac pump and thence into servo.
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
There is 2 rubber seals on the vacuum pump one small one around the gauze then one large one around the hole what pushes onto the crank shaft.. Both of them seals look fine no damage etc Confused i was more concerned about the oil oozing out of that little hole that marrys up with the gauze on the pump.. Its really fustrating i really dont want to buy a new servo again Sad i even thought there may be too much oil in the engine but its normal on dip stick...
May i add there is suction when i take off the hose thats conected to the vacuum pump and servo. and brakes work fine atm. but like i said the hose is full of oil i cant see how its possible if the pump is sucking Confused could the pump be faulty and not giving enough suction to stop the oil passing through the pipe ? it does seem to get really hot aswell the pump.. Thanks in advance for ur help Smile
No No No...... This is a vaccum pump and even though the seals may look good visually, under the negative pressure of the vaccuum the oil is being sucked through from the engine compartment. Not rocket science as there is only one place where the ENGINE oil can be coming from...

Don't know if you can get new seals for the pump or if it is u/s inside but if you continue to use it will inevitably damage the servo
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
ok thanks for your help i have enquired about buying just the seals but apparently they are hard to find on there own. A second hand pump £20 from scrappy i will let you know if that solves it thanks for the advice..
you can easy just get two O-rings from halfords or something, the two rings wont cause the oil to pass to the servo tho, 20 for a vac pump is a bit much tho, i got mine for £4
I was thinking the same about the seals not causing it. After more research its looking like the suction it has is just the engine and the pump is failing but still turns by hand. The suction is weak so oil will pass thats my theory but will let u know what happends when i pay the expensive price in Blackpool lol

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