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[Transmission] clutch pedal

I have a berlingo 1,6 hdi, 2007 (left side stearing). The clutch pedal sometimes "releases", ie. It goes down without the clutch reacting at all. I have to pull the pedal up again with my hand, then it works fine again.

What could be wrong?
Seals in the Master cylinder generally unless you have a leak of brake/clutch fluid from the gearbox end
As dumdum says ^^^^

And 'Hey' welcome to the forum gissa
I can not see any container for clutch fluid.

Is there any clutch fluid on the car since the clutch cable goes directly to the clutch arm, that sticks out of the gearbox?

Can it be the clutch cable that lacks lubricant
The RHD 1.6 has a hydraulic clutch AFAIK, maybe yours is different if it's LHD, or maybe some RHD 1.6's have cables too.

Put your VIN into catcar and see what it shows for the clutch. Maybe you need a new cable.
IIRC, the clutch master takes it's fluid from the front of the brake fluid reservoir
i Have this occasionally happen on my 2.0hdi 2003 , its cable operated, but i also had a similar problem on my old 1.9 and it was the thrust bearing wears through pressure plate and gradually had to have a new clutch
I have the same engine from the same let me tell my story, it goes in Km not in Miles lolol.

So at 120.000km the clucth pedal starts to release and stays down when im driving, it starts to get it worst and one mornig (the van was with 140.000Km) the clutch pedal stays down and i get with my hand up, but was unseless, every time i press with the foot it stays down. I have to call the tug.

Conclusion i went to the peugeot dealer and they change the cluch disc, bearing and cable.

I know is quite expensive, i know, but is what you have to do, exchange the clutch.

On these days i have 265000km and start´s to do the same.

The big issue is that it hapens when you drive and imedeatly the van stops and you can cause an acident.

The other thing i´m wondering is that is a few km for a clutch it should last longer, but what to do.

i hope it helps
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I don't know how to explain this. Sometimes it is just as there is a crack in the pedal, where it falls all the way down without the clutch being activated, when I then pull it up again by hand, it works as it should again.

That is, the clutch works as it should, most of the time, but occasionally it doesn't work

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