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The law about driving with sliding doors open?
Am I right in thinking that you are allowed to drive a Berlingo around with the sliding doors open?
I would say not. Could be some leniency in it though like leaving the backdoors slightly ajar when carrying carpet and the like.

Any more info as to why you want to?
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Why would you want to?
In the days when Transits & Bedford CFs had sliding drivers doors it was normal to drive with sliding door open in hot weather. If you mean you want to drive with sliding door open to carry a large load I suppose any copper can stop a vehicle if he considers load unsafe.
It's great fun to do in the sumer when it's hot. In Aug when it was really hot some friends in the back were overheating because the windows don't open fully, there's no AC and no sunroof. So I said "just open the doors" because I've seen plenty of delivery vans going around with sliding doors open.

I think it is legal. I just wanted to check what other people think.
Obviously not if you've got a load hanging out the side though...
i think it is illegal unless you can prove you do regular frequent stops which require you to leave the open but i am not 100% on this on the other hand if you did drive with them open wouldnt it put strain on runners and hinges etc with all the bumps on our roads.
Probably best to avoid any hassle and keep them closed.
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just open the front windows to cool the rear down, I wouldn't fancy being in the back with the door open!
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Apart from the obvious protection around the legs and lower body, what is the difference between driving around with the rear sliding doors open on a vehicle so equipped and an open topped sports car. If the occupants are belted up in their seats what is the difference???

Would like some hard evidence on this and not just people's own opinions..
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I would suggest that as the Berlingo is one of only a few vehicles with seats adjacent to a sliding door, that no specific roads traffic act exists but it's likely to be one of those 'construction and use' issues that are left to the discretion of an attending police officer. If there are two young children in the rear seat although securely belted in I believe that it would be deemed unacceptable.Smile
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