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[Engine] Heater matrix.
Hi everyone, i am knew here. Thought it's about time to join.

I have an issue of which i believe the previous owner(s) tried to cover up. Bought my 2007 model 1.4L Berlingo for a good price, can't complain but with some issues.
The radiator had a very small leak of which i had to focus in order to notice it, changed that and all is well.

The van randomly gives me a very plastic kind of burning smell from the vents (when heater is on low setting) this is at higher revs/driving speeds but goes away after 30 seconds or so and especially when i set the heater to high... Now i can only assume that they used some sort of sealant that reacts through open points with the air as there was a pink kind of gunk at the radiator, the foot pedals were slightly stiff to my liking and noticed that they were badly rusted metal and all 3 are brown in colour (some type of evaporated leak caused this?) greased them up and all is well there too.

I have been trying to pull up some data on where the heater matrix is as i believe this had a temporary fix with what ever that stuff is they put in the coolant, looking above the pedals near to the centre of the dash, i can see that pink stuff but it looks dry and not so wet, this must be when the leak fix was applied and now it has hardened...?

My main question is... Where is the heater matrix and will i have to remove the dash?

The berlingo is a dual fuel petrol and LPG, the LPG vaporiser also had this pink gunk on it but i replaced that just for the satisfaction of knowing i don't have a old and beat up looking part that may be faulty as i am slowly in process of servicing the LPG system my self.

Any help would be much appreciated and anything else to bear in mind with the berlingo, please do say and thanks again for looking.
taurustem Wrote:My main question is... Where is the heater matrix and will i have to remove the dash?

The matrix is behind the dash and yes you will need to remove it. I just put K Seal in ours to delay the inevitable and it's lasted about 4 years so far Big Grin Someone on the forum posted their experience. Mr Lightfoot also did one with pictures but they are linked to Photobucket so might be a pain to look through now they have altered their policy. Good luck with the job.
So where does this bit go then ?
K seal is your friend

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