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Mystery cable ?
This cable is broken off one end and the other end is just tied up out of the way. Can someone identify it for me please ? And does it need to be connected ?

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Here’s the other end

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Which year is your Berlingo?
And which engine and gearbox do you have?

The end of the tied-up piece has a slit instead of a hole.
That would indicate it's for something that could move by itself.

There's nothing that the broken end could have been connected to?

The Gospel of Haynes doesn't show anything like it.

I'm beginning to wonder if it's something aftermarket put in there by a previous owner?
On the second picture we see the 'pedal position sensor' and the clutch cable, in addition to a bracket holding the mysery cable.
The exact same parts are shown in picture 6.31 in the Haynes manual (the 4261version that lits M49/M59 all the way until 2010, not certain about the older version book as I have that in the garage), but without the bracket and cable.

Take a good look at the mechanism for the clutch cable. Is it possible that it was somehow fastened to that?
(The bracket doesn't really look original. If it was, I'd have expected Torx bolts. It's also adjustable, which makes it look like a generic kit part, and not designed for this car. If it was an original bracket it wouldn't have been adjustable, but just a single piece of metal bent to fit correctly, because that's cheaper... )
It’s 2001 2.0 hdi
Ok in first picture there is a bit that it was connected to which is broken. It’s like one of those sink plug chains made of balls linked together. You can’t see it in picture but that cable fitted to a lever on the side of the mystery item. But where the other end should go is beyond me. It doesn’t seem to affect the way it runs, but I’d like it to be right
It looks like an add on throttle cable to replace the expensive Citroen one with a cheaper generic item.
So where does this bit go then ?
I’ll have to investigate later on this week. Got a hole to weld under the floor on drivers side. Looks like bungs have been removed to let water out but never put back. This has caused corrosion around the hole needing around a 6’’ square patch. Are the bungs still available ? There’s a large one and 2 smaller ones. I’m going to wire brush it all n treat it before paint n underseal.
Mystery solved. 
Decided to remove carpets. What a nightmare. And yes I did end up cutting the gear knob off !
Anyway, after removing the centre consol I found this

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So that’s what the little box on r/h side of dash is for. Trouble is the actuator is missing. I’ve found the company who make these (or did) in Sweden but website not in English. So I’m searching for the parts to get it working again.
There was also this fancy Satnav installed which I’m still trying to remove bit by bit. Somebody certainly spent money on this motor
I'm not sure about the M49 but cruise control is an easy retro fit on the M59 2.0HDi, all you need is the CC stalk and 5 mins with Lexia. Maybe it's not possible on the M49, so that's why this box was installed, might be worth investigating first?

It looks like an interesting setup:

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