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[Transmission] Near side driveshaft oil seal replacement - success and lessons learnt
2010 Berlingo B9 1.6HDi 90 MPV with BE4 gearbox.

Just posting so that others may benefit from my experience and save some time and effort.

*** You don't need to remove the shaft from the hub. (the OMG tight nut doesn't need undoing etc.)
*** Takes 1.8 litres of oil when wet or 1.9l when dry
*** You DON'T need to take the the undertray off 
*** You don't need to drain all the oil. 


Citroen manual:
3. Type of oil
ESSO 75W80 EZL 848.
TOTAL 75W80 H 6965.
4. Oil capacity
CAUTION : It is necessary to drain the gearbox and put back the exact quantity of oil, in the event of an external leak or a repair.
Gearbox empty : 1,9 litre.
After draining : 1,8 litre.

Chock rear wheels , put it in gear, handbrake on, flat surface.
Loosen wheel nuts
Jack up vehicle
Stick axle stand under

You could now remove the undertray - allow lots of time for rusted bolts and a wrestling match. You are only doing this to get to the gearbox drain plug and drain the oil *** see later as this can be avoided !***

Remove wheel
Wirebrush the end of the bottom ball joint thread and apply some wd40 or equivalent being careful not to get it on the brake disk
Undo bottom arm ball joint nut. You may need a second jack under the arm to lift the arm to put pressure on the joint middle bolty bit to stop it spinning. 
Undo the steering arm ball joint (Ball joint splitter may be useful)
Same for the anti-roll bar drop link (I detached at the roll bar end not the hub end. (will need an open jaw spanner to hold the bolty-like bit while you take off the nut.
Split the lower ball joint (Ball joint splitter may be useful)
Use a ratchet strap from the hub to a solid bit of suspension on the other side of the car.
Use a second jack under the brake disc to lift the hub a few inches - thereby compressing springs. The strap you applied will stop the hub moving outward as you jack and stop the bottom ball joint being under tension.
Separate ball joint from bottom arm. I used a pry bar to push the bottom arm down and off the bottom ball joint
The hub will now swing around enough on the bottom of the strut to allow you to grab the shaft AND the inner CV joint and gently pull out of the gearbox.

If you haven't drained oil yet - be ready to collect from the hole!!!!

use a screwdriver to gently lever out old seal.

Clean the housing and surrounding area (perhaps the surrounding area should have been done earlier in hindsight)
Pop in new seal carefully in good light and use fingers to press gently into the opening.
Once in by a few mm you'll need a large socket as a drift to tap it back. Mine didn't go completely flush but it was only a gnat's tadger proud. (is a gnat proud of its tadger??)

Put it all back together the reverse of the undoing

Then you need to fill. The Citroen book says use the filler on top of the box under the engine air inlet pipework ( really you need to remove the battery box cover electrics, battery box cover, battery, battery tray, battery tray support tray. This is where I got stuck - I couldn't undo the last bolt (B*gger)

I found out online (youtube)  that you can fill the box through a large bolt hole in the n/s wheel arch. So I took the wheel off again and managed to pump 1.8l in without it overflowing.  Forums say that 1.8l will fill to the point of dripping out. I can't verify this but can verify that you CAN get the whole 1.8l in through the hole. The 1L bottles of oil that I used came with 5" thin tubes attached to the lids and so I didn't need to rig up any other fancy tubing - just squirted it in :-)

Hope this helps someone

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  • Art b, cancunia, Luis Rosa
That's handy.. Wink
I've a gearbox to top up after changing the clutch..

2004 ,1.9d Berlingo Multispace.
called Brian... Smile
I used a funnel and plastic tubing when I refilled my MA5 gearbox.
(Not all gear oil cans have the tube)
Also, if you do it on a cold day, leave the oil cans in a bucket of hot water until you're ready to pour. It makes quite a difference...
(Just make very, very certain that you wipe all the water off the can before opening it. u don't want water to mix in. )
Are leaking Driveshaft seals common?

I have a leak under my new to me, 2012 1.6 E-HDi (with the 6 speed semi auto 'box) that appears to be coming from the off side seal. (long shaft)

I can't see too much due to the under tray, but it does appear the seal isn't fitted flush, looks like half of it is hanging out.

Could do without this, I've a long foreign trip planned for Easter!

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