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Oil level sensor showing empty after oil change
Today i changed the oil on my 2005 1.9d Berlingo.

Last done at National Tyres and the filter was on so tight even with a filter cap and breaker bar, it took 20 minutes plus to get off Angry

Anyway - all went well after that but the oil level sensor that was previously working, is now showing empty.

Its been for a short drive, but still showing empty.  I know its full by the dipstick but would like to get it working again.

Not sure if the sensors by the filter, there was alot of struggling and faffing around within that area.

Any ideas ?
The sensor is at the back of the engine if I recall from my old 1.9d - at best it was inaccurate and took a couple of days to start reading something sensible again after dropping the oil out
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Oil level sensor can be a bit temperamental - my display is usually OK & shows full , but sometimes says there's a problem with it ( the display flashes ) - next time I drive it , it's fine again .
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I guess I'll have to keep an eye on it. I've got a nearly 60 mile motorway trip tomorrow, I'll see if it sorts itself out.

If the sensors at the back of the engine, its unlikely I've inadvertantly knocked it,
Just as was said, full oil level appeared prior to my journey home today.

Seems the oil must have to dirty or thicken before the sensor recognises it as oil !

Hopefully stop someone else thinking they broke their sensor whilst doing an oil change......
Nope it seeps in very slowly, it’s not designed to be instant... that’s what the dipstick is for!

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