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New/ alternative seats ?
im looking to replace the front seats in my 2001 hdi. As it’s a camper van, it comes with re-upholstered seats in what I can only describe as 1970s curry house flock wallpaper with a floral motif. So, what seats are comfy and will drop onto the bolt holes without much trouble ?
I bit the bullet yesterday and bought a pair of 2017 seats in perfect condition for £60 the pair. Seller had fitted 3 seats in front so these were sold on to me.
I’ve measured them up and will need to make up some brackets but will smarten up the cab area nicely.
Anyone else fitted these and got any tips ?
Before you fit them, you might want to ask your insurance company.
I fitted a folding passenger seat from an M59 van into my M59 Multispace & called the insurance co yesterday, I'm waiting for them to get back to me and see if I'll need to put the old seat back in. I assumed there would be no problem, but they need to check with the underwriters first as this is somehow not just a minor change.
Good point. But I’m not insured anyway !
Van is off road at moment and it’s a Motorhome conversion so there’s not much of the original van left !
But I will mention it thanks
I had a call back from the insurers this morning, they want the replacement seat fitted professionally. I've told them that I'm quite capable of changing a seat so it's back to the underwriters but I'm guessing that it'll come back to needing some kind of official sign off.
Although the tilt & fold new seat is really handy, I'm not really prepared to pay someone to do up 4 bolts, so it'll probably be up for sale in the near future.
Surely the ok from mot tester would suffice ?
I know they’ll always try n find a way to charge more or refuse any claim !
I'll see what they come back with & let you know. The call earlier was them saying it should be fitted professionally, they were going to ask the underwriters if an "engineer's report" would suffice. Either way that would cost more than the benefit so I asked if they'd accept my point of view that putting a wheel on involved the same amount of bolts and that I'm quite capable of that.
I somehow doubt that they'll accept my word on it tho.
I’ve identified an issue with the seats. The 2017 seats don’t have the same seatbelt system fitted.
There’s a thing under the seat ( seat belt pre tensioner ? ) that the newer seats don’t have, and the passenger seat has no electrics at all.
I’m sure I can fabricate a bracket to fit the parts but doubt the insurance company will be impressed. Also, I’ll lose the flip up facility on the passenger seat. It’s not going to stop me fitting them, just delay it while I sort it all out. Need mot & insurance first !
Yeah, the M59 and probably M49 seats have a pre-tensioner built into the seat belt stalk which is anchored on the seat frame. I've given up with my insurance co and will stick with the standard seat for now at least. Yesterday's conversation was along the lines of them asking if I'm an engineer by profession. I suppose I can see the point to some extent, but it is only 4 bolts we're talking about. At least there was no issue with the window tints.
Like you, I'll lose the fold & tip with extra storage space but I'll get over it.
So why did the early seats have the pre tensioners and the new ones don’t ?
Or are they part of the belt end of the system ?
Also, the passenger seat on the new ones has no connection for the system.

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