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Did a temp fit on the panels I made but had to have a rethink due to complexity of the job. Now need to make another panel which will create a 3 sided panel capable of coping with the stresses at the rear
Just need to get the last panel made up and I can tack it all together n weld it up

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That's a heck of a job, well done persevering with it

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
I’m not giving up now regardless of what needs doing. If I have to build a new chassis I’ll just go for it. I really didn’t need all of this but I’m quids in with what I paid for the camper, just hope I get to enjoy it before it kills me. At 65 I’m no spring chicken !
Well, after the weather took a turn for the worse and welding in the rain seemed a dangerous prospect, I finally get a day of sunshine. Or at least it was when it started. After crawling under the van for the umpteenth time I had to concede that the section of crossmember I was going to weld to was a bit thin and corroded. So I fabricated a new section and welded it in. Then as I removed my safety glasses half a ton of crap fell into my eye from off my forehead. Try as both me and the Mrs did, I could not clear it so decided to pack all the tools away n head for A&E !
Typically as we drove around New Cross Hospital, suddenly I said ‘it’s gone’ and so it had, just as easily as half a railway sleeper had fallen into my eye, it had disappeared. Better though than sitting around for an hour and having some pissed off nurse poking around and sticking a patch on !
Headed back home n thought, ‘ well, that’s another day buggered up’ so decided to stick some paint inside the crossmember I’d made ready to weld on tomorrow. See pic
Note the nice bend to match the rear profile. I know it’s bigger, but it fits !
My eyes still a bit sore, but hope to finish the misery tomorrow and look towards mot next week, then it’s happy days. Or have I spoken too soon. Got, life is s**t innit

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That's an impressive bit of DIY metal folding. It's a bit late in the day to suggest this, but I think some safety goggles would come in handy to prevent being dumped on again! Must confess it's happened to me a fair few times, but less so since I've needed to wear glasses for close up work.
Goggles and a bottle of eyewash.
I invested in a pair of prescription safety glasses some years ago which have side protectors. I’ve also got a face shield which I use, but working under the van on the floor the shield is a pain. I was doing ok until I took the glasses off and the shite that had fallen on my forehead fell into my eye. Bugger innit. 
Anyway, got it all welded up today and seems pretty solid. Just a couple of bits to tack on at either end, but I won’t have to crawl under the van to do those. 
From what I’ve read the berlingo originally had wheel arch liners. Well these have been removed for the conversion and so the open ends of the crossmember gets all the crap thrown up from the rear wheels. 
I’ll be looking to modify this or may just fit mudflaps. I plug welded front n back and seam welded the end bits. Hopefully it’ll outlive me

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        Finished all the welding and re fitted back box. I’ve also fitted some spring assisters which other berlingo campers seem to have as standard. Romahome use them but not Nu Venture. Working through my list of snags trying to get it ready for mot. Still more problems arising but I’ll get there soon I hope !

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