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Can’t find where to plug fault code reader in
Just to add to my misery, emmisions light came on after I’d had the battery off and messed with a few things. Still starts n runs fine, no smoke or rattles. I read somewhere that an OBD2 fault code reader thingy can identify the problem, so £10 later and it’s arrived via Fleabay. 
Trouble is, I can’t find anything in the manual explains where to plug it in !
It’s a 2001 2.0ltr hdi with Siemens pump fitted
Im not sure that you have an obd socket on that age of vehicle but if you do have a look at the bsi unit and it is right next to that. Down by your right knee behind the panel.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
The bsi unit ? If that’s the fuse box I’ve found it cheers mate. Also noticed my rev counter not working. In fact when I test drove it it didn’t move and not paying much attention I presumed it to be a clock ! Related to the fault light by any chance ?
It does move a little if you rev the engine but only about 1/8 inch !
The connector should be behind the same panel as the BSI/Fusebox, just a little closer to the steering wheel.
My 1999 has one, my previous one(1998) also had one, so odds are that yours also have one.
(OBD II connectors are supposed to be close to the steering column. It's in the specification, actually)
Ok so bought OBD2 reader and plugged it in. It says that vehicle is not connecting with the reader. Any ideas ?
Yes your vehicle probably isn’t obd2 compliant...
I’ve been doing a bit of searching, and according to folk on the Picasso forum you need a special reader for diesels up to 2004. So, I’m buggered !
This gives some info
I’ve found 2 types that have apparently worked on the earlier hdi engines
autel autolink al301 on the halfords site for £29.99
Or maxi scan MS309
Owners of both say they work on pre 2004 hdi Citroen’s. But guy with the ms309 did say it was a bit hit n miss
At the bottom of the linked page is a table showing the protocols supported by the Berlingo in different years. Looks like the older Berlingos used a different protocol so you'll need an adaptor that's compatible.

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