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Unlocking - A Problem!
Hi, all!
What a way to start an introduction..with a problem!!  Rolleyes

My '05 1.6 petrol-engine Mk2 Multispace Forte will lock all doors on the keyfob, but not unlock them, nor can I unlock on central locking from the button on the dashboard (though the front & side doors can be unlocked manually, obviously).
I've changed the fob battery as a precaution - no change. Next step was to check all the fuses (in the box in the dash under the steering wheel, and the other fusebox under the bonnet, behind the left-hand headlight) - all OK...but are there any other fuses, elsewhere?

If not a fuse, though, would it be a reasonable guess that a relay may be at fault, here? Presumably the locking system will operate through one or two?

I need to fix this, as I can't get the tailgate unlocked as some plonker previous owner has swapped the lock but failed to pass on the right key..and until I can unlock it, I can't see how to access the tailgate lock from inside, to swap it for another..unless you know differently?  Wink

Thanks muchly in advance!!  Cool
Welcome to the forum.
I'm not sure how the central locking relay works, hopefully someone else will be along with more experience on that subject. Can you lock via the dash button?
Are you sure the tailgate lock has been changed? I'm on my second Mk2/M59 Berlingo, both had stuck locks on the tailgate due to not being used. The first, I had to take apart as the key would not go in at all, but I managed to get the latest working by using some gentle persuasion & penetrating oil.
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  • Barry L
Thanks for that - I'll have a go with the oil, etc, just in case. I can live without the remote unlocking if the lock works manually. 

yes, the dash button locks all the doors, as does the keyfob - but neither will unlock...

Hopefully, someone might enlighten us both...
This may be of use...
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  • Barry L
If you have the regular top-hinged rear door, then the lock is most probably corroded out and useless.
(Mine is also caput)
And I can't find a reseller of a set of lock cylinders with that specific lock in it.
(It also contains the metal bracket holding the cylinder on the inside)
I expect you'll have to shell out a lot of money to Citroën to get a new one.
Thanks, Cancunia - spot-on, matey! No bother to find it, now - hopefully it'll just be a dry solder joint, but if not, I'll sort a relay...

Gadgetman - I stripped the lock barrel today - no 'tumblers' in it!!! No idea how it's jammed, though, and I won't try to un-jam it, so I hope to find a local breaker with a lock assembly with a key... ;-)

Cheers, guys!
How did you get into the tailgate?

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