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Rear axle
(27-05-2019, 07:31 AM)ffrenchie Wrote:  Are you in AA or RAC ? Drive it out then phone them and ask for a tow in to the repair place. Big Grin You could remove the damper on that side and drill a piece of bar to replace it then drive steadily to a place to repair it. We did similar with a car my brother in law had.

With AutoAid. I did think about doing something similar. Believe AutoAid allow one journey.
Had a better look today. Can't see a break in either torsion bars. Near side trailing arm really has a lot of play in bearing!
I thought I'd have a go at getting the left torsion bar (fixed to the left arm) out. Having watched a number of youtube vids, some in Russian!, where torsion bars are removed, I know about the offset washer. I didn't realize there was one at the other end also. Access on left side is good. But on right side end of bar has arm in front of it.
I think what I'll do is leave it for now, ring round a few garages to see what price to change whole axle. Then maybe get one delivered from AB or IM Axles to the garage.
I purchased a long T50 torx, as required to undo axle rear bolts (Laser T50 x 120mm). I thought if captive nuts spin, I'll give up any idea of doing it myself. Anyway after soaking them in WD40 they both seemed to undo easily. 
Having looked at many posts re axle swops, I gleaned the following, please correct if wrong:
Hub, including bearing can be removed intact by knocking out stub axle.
Brake pipes can be left intact, backplates need to come off and be supported.

Car has ABS, and drums. There appears to be a brake pipe under the axle. 
So how can pipes be left intact?

Also what happens with the brake hoses? See pic.
Its so rusted its hard to see if there are brackets that can be undone.

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