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[Engine] Coolant leak around injectors
2009 1.6 hdi 90hp berlingo.
Currently it is using 1-2 litres of coolant a day.
Done a pressure test and it held fine. 
Could not see any leaks so put in some uv dye and noticed a pool of coolant around injector (last one right looking into engine bay) 
Has anyone come across a leak like this before? 
It seems to only leak at higher rpms while driving. Cant see any leak at idle.

Appreciate any advice someone may have.
Are you sure it’s actual coolant and not uv residue from the combustion chamber (water leak into cylinder and a chuffing injector making it look like it’s weeping from that end) the injector seals are very common!

As far as I know there’s no water seals around the cylinder head unless you have a cracked head in which case the combustion chamber cooling channels may weep through and cause just what you describe ??
Definitely coolant. Its running from here down front of engine and and across gearbox onto subframe. As I said its using 1-2l a day with only a couple of short journeys too and from work so there was lots of it.

If it was leaking into combustion chamber would I not have white smoke from exhaust. I find it hard to believe it can push 1l of coolant out through injectors a day but im not a mechanic so maybe its possible. 

Van is running great, no loss of power or smoke from exhaust. 

Hopefully its not a cracked head. Going to try a bottle of novastop tomorrow to see if it can seal it. Engine has 182k miles on it so not worth spending too much money on it.
Tried a bottle of nova stop, with no luck.

Waterpump started leaking soon after so new belt and pump fitted. Mechanic said he cant find leak.

Today i washed down engine myself to remove all coolant and dried with compressed air.

Got van up to temp and took for short drive and again coolant around injector. 
Blew away this coolant again and reved van at 3000rpm for about 30 seconds and got fresh coolant around injector again so its definitely coming from here.

What is the likely remedy for this. New head or headgasket?
Hi did you fix the problem ? I have exactly the same problem and no one know why there is a coolant leak around injectors.Is there maybe factory coolant line around injector ? If anyone know Thanks
Not personally but the obvious answer is the coolant is leaking into the cylinder via the head gasket and is getting blown back out past the injector seal. Those seals are like chocolate and Its a surprise if you come across a 1.6 HDI that doesn't have leaking injectors in one way or another, don't think it would take long for uncompressable water to get blown past them.
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