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[Filters & Oil] DPF Issue or Fault Elsewhere??
Never had any issues with my DPF as my drive to work is always at least 20 miles and the same home.

Couple of days ago after filling the tank to the brim, I got back in the car and the dash lit up with "Info. Risk of Filter Blocking" with a warning triangle on the instrument cluster.

Since then I have hooked up Lexia/Diagbox and looked at the DPF information while the car was running to see what condition the DPF was in.

Particle Emission Filter Load was at 11% and the Exhaust Differential Pressure was 0 at idle.

After looking at various Citroen/Peugeot forums trying to find a possible reason for the message I'm getting, I have determined that according to the 'filter load' and 'differential pressure' reading that the DPF is working normally.
If it was seriously blocked, the 'load' reading would be in excess of 80% and the 'differential pressure' would be at 20+ at idle.

So I'm now thinking that this message is not related directly to the DPF, but that a sensor might be giving the wrong reading or has failed and so is saying "this could caused the DPF to get blocked".

The Eloys bag is pretty full, so it's not that, but since it was running perfectly until I filled up the tank, could it be the sensor which detects the opening and closing of the fuel flap (to inject the Eloys) has failed and so the Eloys is not injecting in to the tank.

I have run a Global Fault check in Diagbox and there are no faults.

If anybody has any suggestions before I take it to my Citroen dealer, I can then be armed with a bit of information before paying out for part after part after part until the message is cleared.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
I seem to remember that there's a counter for the opening & closing of the fuel filler cap & once this reaches a certain value it shows as a fault until reset?
(29-05-2019, 07:36 AM)cancunia Wrote:  I seem to remember that there's a counter for the opening & closing of the fuel filler cap & once this reaches a certain value it shows as a fault until reset?

Thanks for that. I'll scan through Diagbox to see if I can find it
Looked right through Diagbox and cannot find a counter reset for the fuel filler cap
I found this info on Pug forums so it relates to PP2000

I use Lexia directly as my car is a bit too old for Diagbox, but I'm assuming that you still get the option for a global test with Diagbox?

Here's a thread that I was thinking about on here, it's from when I was looking at buying a high mileage B9.
What year is your Berlingo & did you use Diagbox or Lexia ?
Hi Lighty

It's a 2010 109bhp XTR and I used Diagbox
This message is there because very likely, you have to refill the EOLYS tank. Every time you tank up and remove/close back the fuel filler cap, a pump in the under body is activated, that adds EOLYS to the newly bought diesel. You having the message in this exact time has to do with this process: either your EOLYS tank is empty and needs refilling, or the pump or circuitry of the EOLYS tank is malfunctioning...

If you are so sure the bag is still full, just reset the EOLYS volume to max and check if the fault still remains. If it does, then maybe your problem is with the EOLYS pump or associated electric circuit...

Mine has the 2011 tank (no bags anymore) and the tank can take 2L, but the maximum volume the BSI counter would accept in Diagbox was 1L...maybe this is also your case, where you have a bigger volume EOLYS bag, but the BSI software only resets to a lower volume than this...
Pretty much ruled out the DPF as the issue as I've been monitoring the 'filter load' via Diagbox for the last few days
28/05/2019 11%
29/05/2019 21%
30/05 2019 36%
02/06/2019 53%
03/06/2019 79%
Then later on today, I took the car out for a spin with Diagbox running and when the filter load reached 85%, it regenerated, and now the load is at 1%

Luis Rosa
Thanks for the information and I will physically check the eloys bag over the next few days to see if it is empty or leaking.
It was changed at 81000 miles because it was leaking, so the current bag has done about 31000 miles
Do you know if the sensor for the injection of eloys is activated by the filler flap or the filler cap?
The Elloys is activated by the cap.
Looks like you have sorted the issue .

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