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New tyre position
Hi, I'm buying 2 new tyres and taking the opportunity to move the others. What's the recommendation for positioning the new ones, front or back?
There was a conversation on here about this 2 or 3 years ago. Most users preferred putting new tyres on the back. Myself I would have them on the front for grip and steering.

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
+1 for new ones on the front.
If you put new ones on the back, they'll last longer but then you'll need to replace the front ones sooner.
How good is your spare tyre? If it's like mine & nearly new, I'd be tempted to just buy 1 tyre (pref matched) & use the spare on the front.
In the real world ..... ???? ...............

Theoretically on the back
Its the front ones that takes 75% of the load when braking.
2001 1.9d DW8B  Berlingo
The reason they say new on the back is understeer is easier to control than oversteer.

Well thats what i was taught at college anyway and the theory is good as long as the front tyres are not approaching slicks.
I did some reading this morning, just about everything I read states that new tyres should go on the back. Something to do with weight moving forwards when you brake so having the best grip on the back is better to compensate for the weight & grip shift. As Polar says, better grip on the back will encourage understeer as opposed to oversteer. It seems that understeer is easier to control.
Here's the most waffle free & to the point article that I could find, I'm sure there are others..
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Years ago I gave up trying to tell my son that new paired tyres go on the back ...... a lost cause

He was so adept at running his tyres down to the metal strands and avoiding the Gendarmes that he didn't see the point in bothering, he did this for years and never had a bump.

Then one day I saw some new tyres on the front of his car and thought at last he had grown up but no it was just a case of his MOT man had been done for issueing dodgy MOT's and his hand was forced.
With my driving style its front for me, if you are a novice driver meaning at least 98% of the people on the road rear tires need to be better.
And practical all tires need to be good hehe
Tho new front tires will help you corner faster and brake faster, sadly this can lead to overdriving the car then you get the whole under/oversteer thing.
In dry weather a B9 berlingo is more tended to understeer.
Behaviour changes with the wet at least for mine it gets tail-happy.
hola, soy nueva!

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