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[Engine] Timing belt and water pump inspection
Is it easy to inspect the above on the 1.9 D?

I was told by the seller the van had replacements about 10,000 miles ago, but it never hurts to check.

What is the change interval that you, the owners, use? I know most people change early.
I change the cambelt and idlers every 50000 miles on ours, our Romahome needs doing now and it is 5 years old in March and it has just done 50000, I have done our Berlingo car 3 times and it has now done 16000 miles and they are both 1.9Ds

You do it yourself?!

I'm impressed, I wouldn't even attempt it. Normal servicing I can do!
How much does it cost (roughly) to replace at an independent? - cambelt, water pump, etc.

I'm thinking about getting mine done (50k, 6 years old, 1.9D) :S Depends what else needs doing for its MOT in Jan.
I have the 1.9d mk2 and done the timing belt kit and water pump myself without any special tools, its one of the easiest ones ive done.

Actually done it without using any reference books such as haynes etc.

But yes its quite easy to remove the timing belt cover. You might need to remove alternator belt to gain access though.

Basically theres a good few bolts keeping it on, and if memory serves right it comes off in 2 pieces. I remember having to jack the engine up slightly to remove the o/s engine mount (easily done) to do the job, but not sure if it would need removing just to take cover off to inspect.

If you are wanting to change it to be on the safe side then give me a pm and I will write a little guide up and stuff.

Remember though if you check the belt and it looks fine, it doesnt mean that it is with a timing belt!

To replace it, all you need to do it align up all the holes (cam shaft sprocket, ignition pump, and flywheel) and stick allen keys in them to lock them up. They actually fit very snug and keeps it firmly locked up. Undo tensioner to remove belt, etc, put new belt on and then take the allen keys out.


Shame you're not closer, if you fancied a bit of cash in hand...

A guide would be useful, but don't do one just for my benefit. I'll probably take one look and curl up in the corner, sobbing. Big Grin

Basic servicing I am happy with!
no problem, ill send you a PM. I'm at work at the minute but I'll send you a PM tonight. Good word of advice, if you are servicing the van and you do your glow plugs with it being winter, dont use halfords own brand. I did the first time and they were rubbish, didnt perform well, and 18 month later they totally stopped working. Just replaced with Lucas ones and works spot on.

I run a mobile mechanics business and supply parts etc, but unfortunately surrey is a bit too far for me lol Tongue
speak later
Thanks tommy, much appreicated mate! Smile
Hi tommy, if you still have that guide handy any chance you can send it on to me as well? Im on 62k and getting a bit wary. Not got £250 spare at the minute for the garage to do it. Cheers Karl.

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