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[Steering & Suspension] Noise from suspension top mount
i have a 55 plate Berlingo 1.9 diesel van.  Driving out of the driveway the other morning, the L/H side front spring snapped  and pierced the tyre.

I arranged to have both front springs replaced and when the L/H side strut was removed we found that the bottom spring plate on the shocker had detached 
most likely causing the spring to fail.  The shocker  was replaced along with the spring.

While the struts were off the top mount's and bearings were inspected and these seemed fine, Both drop links were renewed as well. However when both struts were refitted, there was a slight twang noise coming form the R/H side strut when initially turning the steering wheel.

we jacked the van back up and confirmed the noise was from the top mount,  whilst jacked up slackening the main lock nut on the top mount under the bonnet makes the noise stop.
As a precaution the entire top mount and bearing have been replaced. However on refitting the strut and testing, the noise still remains.

I have confirmed that the noise is from the top mount, does anyone have any idea the cause of this and any remedy seeing as everything has been renewed and fitted correctly.
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I was given the wrong springs by a motor factors once. Looked OK initially, but when the steering was turned, one spring rubbed against the wheel arch. Made a twang noise as you describe. Took a while to suss out, as part number was correct according to manufacturer of spring. Had to get some from different manufacturer.
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Thanks for the reply Modmytop, I had already checked for that and can rule it out. Its definitely coming from within the top mount itself.
Check the ends of the springs are butted up to the plates on the mount ( sorry crap description - have a look at;_86.JPG you can see a kind of notch in the top plate that the spring locates it. It's possible to reassemble the spring/mount/shock so that there's a wee gap in there and it can clunk nicely - not sure about twanging.
Our cars  2008 1.6  92 Berlingo (His) RIP 2019
              2008 1.6  110 Mini (Hers)
              2008 1.4  70 207 (Sprogs) RIP 2019
Thanks for the reply GraemeT, when the springs were replaced I made sure that they were as tight to the notches as possible before refitting the strut. i am fairly sure its something between the top spring plate and the rubber coated top mount. But when the strut is removed every thing looks fine and the top mount turns smoothly and silently. Its only when fitted back to the van it becomes noisy.
Dodgy top mount then?
(09-06-2019, 08:39 AM)GraemeT Wrote:  Dodgy top mount then?

looks like it is. Angry
Bit of a p*sser, it's one of my least favourite jobs and to have to keep pulling the whole shebang off and refitting is a PITA - I feel your pain
Our cars  2008 1.6  92 Berlingo (His) RIP 2019
              2008 1.6  110 Mini (Hers)
              2008 1.4  70 207 (Sprogs) RIP 2019
(09-06-2019, 06:05 PM)GraemeT Wrote:  Bit of a p*sser, it's one of my least favourite jobs and to have to keep pulling the whole shebang off and refitting is a PITA - I feel your pain

Yes, not my favourite either, especially as this will be the third time off.
Should be quick this time around what with all the practice, free running fasteners and clean components.

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