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power supply for dashcam
Hiya all..  I have fitted a permanent power supply for my dash cam, I soldered the connections directly to the cigarette lighter and ran the cable around the end of the dash, up the inside of the inner trim and under the roof liner, I have noticed a drop in radio station quality, I recon it's the route of the cable, is a dash cam power cable going to cause an issue with radio quality ? The aerial lead runs down the same route of the power cable.. If it is the issue, can I just cover the aerial cable or power cable with tin foil ?
Black Hyundai i30 1.6CRDI 2011
Silver 1.9D Mutispace desire 2004 DW8B non Turbo..
White 1.9D Van 2005 DW8B non turbo..
Silver MGF 1.8 16v 1999
I too had the same problems after doing the same as you .
Tried all of the 12v to 5v supply droppers hoping to sort it out but didn't work.
In the end I took the original cable and modified it. I removed the plug but kept the circuit board inside it and wired that directly into 12 volts . Got a little plastic box off ebay and used that as a housing for the board and a bit of twin core cable.
I didn't try your idea of wrapping the wire in foil which may work as it should cut down on interference from the feed cable.
2001 1.9d DW8B  Berlingo
Do you think it's electrical noise from the 12v > 5v conversion? Maybe you can find some shielded cable and earth the shield at one end? USB cables are generally shielded, maybe a longer USB cable up by the aerial would work?

It's a rainy day so have been reading far too much stuff online. Chances are that the power supplies are 'buck' converters which do produce some noise. Today I received one of these, it's apparently not a buck converter according to the description so may not cause as much noise. Not sure if one of these has been tried?
One note of caution, the only reason I started checking this out was because it arrived this morning & I'd forgotten I'd ordered it back in March, it was due for delivery in May at the latest! I bought one to power a Bluetooth receiver / pre-amp for my radio with a spare output for a dashcam.
I tried those boxes ,ordered two with the usb end , one didn't work and the other caused interference.
Just to see the response from the supplier I complained about the dud one and was asked to send a photo.! Never heard any more from them .
2001 1.9d DW8B  Berlingo
had same problem with my dash cam , used ferrite core i got of ebay , just clamped ferrite core to cable as close as possible to dash cam

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