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Welding sills
Anyone got a blow up drawing of the sills please ?
Having rebuilt the rear end seems I missed a bit !

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Not sure if this is the correct model for you but if not just dig around the site
Our cars  2008 1.6  92 Berlingo (His) RIP 2019
              2008 1.6  110 Mini (Hers)
              2008 1.4  70 207 (Sprogs) RIP 2019
Looks similar but I’m not sure. Many thank for the link
After further inspection looks like I really need to cut off entire sill and repair structure underneath. Seems there’s more than one panel involved and I’m worried that if I cut out the rot inside then the van could break its back. Any advice ?
Anyone else done this ?
What’s worse is the sills have been patched (botched) a few years back !
What you can see there is no.4 and no.2 on that diagram. Cut as much as you need away the van will not break it's back. There is plenty of strength in the monocoque chassis. Is there any of the inner sill left behind the strengthener panel ? That will need to be replaced if there isn't as the bottom of the strengthener and the inner sill repair all need to be there to fasten the lip of the outer sill repair together. You need to cut a lot more of the rotten metal away to see where you are going but I have seen worse and repaired them.
So where does this bit go then ?
It’s weird, but most of it from half way up still has original paint on it !
Looks like drain holes were blocked when patched so that probably added to the rot. Trouble is some of it has spread up near the filler pipe for the tank. Don’t really want to get into draining diesel off n removing tank if I can avoid it. Most of that inner strengthener seems to be bent from being jacked up. I’m going to rebuild the back part n work forward into the sill then weld the sill cover back on. If I can get through this year I’ll do it properly next year.
Bet those parts are all main dealer items, too bloody dear for my pocket !
(17-06-2019, 05:45 PM)Martinez Wrote:  Bet those parts are all main dealer items, too bloody dear for my pocket !

 Make the telephone call you may be surprised
Well, if it ever stops raining I might be able to do a bit !
I’ve welded up the sills for mot, not good enough to jack up from them but at least they’ll pass for this year. Obviously they’ve been bodged in the past, my bodge is better than the last cowboys efforts !
Just need to sort the brakes out now

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Just in time for summer!
I had my passenger-side sill replaced at a panel-beater shop, and they were surprised at the price of an original panel. Around £100 + VAT.
'No wonder there's no third party panels in the system'...
The welding job was was a bit more expensive...
But they also colourmatched it to the faded paint on the car, so...

These panels do rot out on cars with the sliding doors, though.

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