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Risk of filter blocking
Had this alarm now for few months. Reckon I'm using more fuel and power seems slugish. Done lots of long journeys to fishing etc in last few months where in the past a good run usually sorts it.

Any help greatly appreciated 

a little more detail will help get a reply sooner , what engine and age etc.
2001 1.9d DW8B  Berlingo
(18-06-2019, 09:34 AM)brodfather11 Wrote:  a little more detail will help get a reply sooner , what engine and age etc.

Sorry 2010 plate 110000 miles 

You don't make it easy do you !,  It must be a guessing game you're playing.    Ok, I'll play.   Smile

Does it run on petrol or diesel , is a 1.6HDi  or something else , is it an oil, air or fuel  filter you are worried about blocking up or some other filter

What alarm are you getting ?  A light on the dashboard ?.

 Has there been any servicing done on it lately. ?
2001 1.9d DW8B  Berlingo
Sorry diesel 1.6 

Risk of filter blocking message on dashboard every time start engine and warning light constant.

It is the eolys fluid system.

Doesn't say what filter but I'm assuming it must be dpf?

Yes get serviced every year when i get mot.

Sounds like the dpf - it is going to need changing at some point as they will eventually clog even if you have EOLYS in the bag (just a fact of dpf life I'm afraid).
Our cars  2008 1.6  92 Berlingo (His) RIP 2019
              2008 1.6  110 Mini (Hers)
              2008 1.4  70 207 (Sprogs) RIP 2019
I have had the same warning message as you and at the same mileage as well

It appears the car automatically generates this message around 111000 miles

Look at my last post in this thread for a solution

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