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How rare are the sunroofs?
How rare are the sunroofs/glass roofs on the B9 Berlingo/Partner? I really like the look of them
It's called a Modutop if you want to google it.
So where does this bit go then ?
(26-06-2019, 07:02 AM)ffrenchie Wrote:  It's called a Modutop if you want to google it.

I have one on mine. They're brilliant. Unfortunately they can't be retro fitted I've been told  Sad

Apart from the extra storage space I really like the extra light. 

The grandkids in the back also like it as they can see the sky  Smile
It can be retrofitted, but...
It's probably easiest to get the entire roof off of another B9 to do it.

To get a retrofit done legally(at least here in Norway), you first need to get permission from the distributor(who in turn talk to Citroën in France), then you need to get the cuts perfect, build up any supporting structures that are missing(and those parts are probably not available new as they were welded in place during car assembly)
Then you fit the new modutop module, wire it up, fit the correct headliner(can't imagine that that will be cheap... They're fragile)

The roof is an integral part of the passenger protection cell, and must not be altered in a 'non approved way'.

Replacing the entire roof just means finding and cuttong off a roof at a breakers, looking up in a book to find where to cut on your car, do the cuts, weld the replacement roof in place, grind, bondo, primer and paint.
And faffing about with the windshield and the liner, of course.
(No, it's not 'cut where you durn well please. It's not America and Hot rod building... Manufacturers write detailed manuals about where to cut and weld to repair structural damage. )
Any good bodyshop should be able to do that.

We had 'a few' Toyota Hybrids at the office, all uniformed and fitted with a light bar on the roof. And the installer had drilled holes to bolt the bars in place.
We had to have the entire roof replaced on them before we could sell them because Toyota said it's not a repairable part. (I wanted to sell them with the light bars in place. It was just Orange lights anyway, and lots of companies could have a use for them. No, instead they spent about£5K on each to remove the bar, relace the roof, and repaint the cars... The cars had been vinyl covered when new, so the original paint was A OK+, but a new roof meant you needed a respray)
I personally like them a lot

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