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Handbrake or in my case, not !
O/S rear brake failed mot, I knew there was a broken spring so as they looked worn I thought I’d overhaul the rear brakes. Got new shoes n fitting kit, replaced shoes as per manual.......and no handbrake !
Is there something weird about these compared to other vehicles ? Handbrake worked fine with worn shoes, new shoes fitted and adjusters set for a tight fit on drum, but handbrake cables very slack. Do I just need to adjust them ? Seems odd to me that new shoes need more adjustment than worn ones, or am I missing something ? I’ve given up for today but I need to fix tomorrow for mot Friday. HELP !
Hi - not ever adjusted cables after new shoes (only once and that was because the cable was a bit slack before the job making the handbrake lever lift up too far). Once you have the drums on press the foot brake a few times to get the two shoes properly centred on the drums (you can refit with them not quite centre). The handbrake should then bite. If the cables are still really slack after that then I'm stumped - only things I could suggest are that the fixing on the rear shoe has slipped off or wrong shoes?
I adjusted handbrake up so it works and dropped it off for mot So just need to wait n hope
The plot thickens !
Passed mot so all working fine. Took it for a spin on motorway for 5 miles or so, then as I came off at junction pedal nearly went to the floor. It had been almost solid before. Now you have to pump up the brakes to get the pedal back up again. WTF is going on ?
I’ll have to investigate further. I’m going to have to replace rear hub so it’s got to come apart again anyway.
At least you passed the MOT, a fine bit of welding done!
Just took it for drive round block after topping up brake fluid, now it’s better than ever. Braking more progressive and less wooden feeling.
It’s a mystery to me !
Guess I’ll have to take it back up motorway and see if it remains the same. I’m thinking it’s either problem with the servo or just the shoes bedding in

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