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1.9 diesel wont rev
hi hi,i have a 1.9 diesel van,2003 and just this week i put the van on the road,its been lying up for about two years,i serviced it and changed the throttle cable, problem is that its very very sluggish to rev,wont go past 4000 rpm?? it pulls a little better when it warms up,but its brutal on a hill,im a truck mechanic by trade so this is a little different to what im used to,even with the clutch held in,it wont rev past 4 on the clock,it feels like a diesel problem,so does anyone know if theres a pressure regulator on the fuel line that gives trouble? or a lift pump? i wont have a chance to get near it until next week so,for now,i put some diesel system cleaner into it to see if it makes a wifes 1.4 petrol will leave this thing for dust!!!!!! anyway thanksWink
Being a truck mechanic you will have cleaned the fuel filter, won't you?
It also could caused by be some old diesel that's been sitting in the tank unless the fuel system and tank was drained.
I'll leave anything more technical to the others as I'm crap at fault finding on diesels!
BTW Welcome to the forums, hope we can help you out. :thumbsup:

The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
Hi Tyrant.
If you're mechanic and you know what is car, please download service manuals for your car, engine and gearbox here:
Even when it is sorted the 1.4 will leave it standing BUT your 1.9 will still be plodding on when all the other engines have fallen apart. (We have a 1.9 thats done over 160000 miles, common for these engines and it requires no oil between changes and no black smoke although injectors and pump have never been touched. It plods but it gets there.)

1.9s are easy to maintain and I wouldnt want to keep revving it much past 4000rpm for long periods. What do your trucks rev at?

Ive got a 1.9d 52 plate. The van to start with is sluggish and I would even go to the point of saying my old mk1 1.2 8v punto was quicker lol.

However you should be able to rev it higher than 4000 rpm out of gear so theres definately a problem.

Lack of power could be Fuel, compression, cat converter, egr etc.

However if its been left for a while the diesel might have gone off, water ingress or anything.

Put a good injector cleaner in with your fuel and take it for a drive down the motorway in 4th gear full throttle with fresh diesel. Maybes even try changing the diesel filter incase its bunged up as diesel is a dirty fuel.

Try disconnecting your Air intake pipe, egr valve pipe bracket bolt, securing bracket for glowplug wires (on the manifold) and the 4 allen key bolts keeping the top of the manifold together, and seperate that.

If you pull it upwards and turn it, keep rotating it and it will seperate off. In there is a butterfly valve, it will be full of gunk, use carb cleaner or parts cleaner and clean it out thoroughly. Clean out the breather pipe too.

As for the cat, a good run at high revs might clear that out when it heats up.

Hope that helps.

thanks for the replies guys! i work on scania,mercedes,daf and renault for a haulage company.the trucks tick over between 500 and 700 rpm,depending on the model.yes i changed the fuel filter and blew back the lines with air just to check,also i took off the main feed banjo on the pump but it was clean,filled up with fresh diesel and no change,however,i noticed that it will rev easier when its warm,the gauge seems to go up to 90 for a few minutes,then settles at 80,and it pulls a bit will rev in 1st and 2nd to 4ooorpm,just about,but theres just not much grunt at all.
this one has 153,000 miles on it,im hoping that tomorrow ill get more time to look at it,not much free time with trucks!!
thanks again peepsWink
also thanks for the link to the manualsWink
Try taking the injectors out and give them a clean. Search for a video on youtube type in Cleaning injectors, and think its the 3rd video is a good explanation on how to do it diy.
took out the filter again,was still a little bit of stuff in the housing,anyway cleaned it out and added ssome really strong injector cleaner for trucks,went for a long spin,and its definately done something for it,but man! this thing is heavy on juice!!! pulls a lot better now,will throw another small bit into it tomorrow at work,whats the top speed of these things? what are you guys getting out of yours?
ah good so sounds like it possible could be blocked injector. Diesel that was left in pipes/injectors might has solidified over the period of it not being used. Mine going straight is about 80, 90 if downhill lol, uphill struggle to get to 60 lol, thats with tools in back though.
thanks for getting back to me tommy,mine in a straight line struggles to get 60,il have another look over the weekend hopefully

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