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[Steering & Suspension] 2008 Driver's side Strut/Spring Alignment?
I noticed that the suspension spring coils on the drivers side are a bit uneven. The coils at the back of the spring are slightly closer than at the front, so the spring has a slight bow. Nothing is bent or broken so far as I can see, spring mounts on the strut and at the top look to be ok & the spring cup turns with the wheel & the suspension seems to work fine. I suppose it's possible that the spring mount on the strut is somehow wonky but there are no signs of damage or breakage that I could see.
Anyone else noticed this?
Are the spring ends located in the recesses at the top and bottom ?
So where does this bit go then ?
(07-07-2019, 07:30 AM)ffrenchie Wrote:  Are the spring ends located in the recesses at the top and bottom ?

Yep, both ends are where they should be so far as I remember from yesterday. It's worth a double check though so will have another look, if they're not located properly, I'll update this post.
OK, double checked and both ends of the spring are seated properly.
However, it looks like the spring mounting plate on the strut is not at 90 degrees to the strut & tips forwards a very small amount in the same direction as the bow on the spring. I can't see that it's moved recently & can't be sure if it's supposed to be like that, or if I buy another if it'll be any different!

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