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[Brakes] 08 B9 odd rear tyre wear
Hi all,

My 08 B9 multispace suffers from accelerated tyre wear on both rear tyres on the outer edge, I seem to remember someone else having this problem but can't find the thread.

Does anyone know how to cure this problem ?
Can the rear tracking be adjusted like on the front ? Or is it a much more difficult and expensive problem to solve ?

As ever all input is welcome.


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I found this thread,

And this one,

There's loads of people having similar problems but so far no definitive answer.


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I have sold mine already...but it was the same, not only with the rear tires, but also with the front ones. The suspensions look like they are set up for a lot more of weight than they normally carry, having in all wheels a positive camber setting (too much in my opinion).
We took our 09 XTR to the Citroen dealer locally here in France. He asked me whether we lived in the countryside, which we do and told me that was why the tyres were wearing prematurely. Something to do with the road surface edging. He suggested increasing the pressure in the tyres. I have previously only had one set of tyres that lasted more than a year. All of them have had premature edge wear, both front and rear, particularly on the nearside within a year, so I figured I had nothing to lose. I am running Hankook tyres but there is nothing to suggest the constructor would make any difference. I fitted a new set of rear tyres last July. I keep them inflated to 2.95 bar. That is way above the normal pressure but below the loaded pressure recommendation. So far, there is no detectable edge wear and the wear across the tyre is even. I am now going to fit new fronts. I have inflated the old ones to 2.7 bar and the wear has evened out and the edges have not deteriorated any further. I will get the tracking checked before the new ones are fitted. I am not suggesting this is a cure for everyone but it’s solved my one year tyre replacement problems. It looks like I may get at least two years out of my rear tyres if nothing changes.
I also found keeping my pressures on the high side improved the uneven wear issue, 1-2 psi higher in the front & because I regularly carry loads in the back I keep the rears at about 45psi.

In the past I've been pretty religious in keeping the tyres to recommended pressures increasing when loaded up on family trips etc and reducing when back to running around unloaded.
In view of the advice here I'm going to increase the rears to their maximum (loaded) pressure or just above, and see how it works out.

Thanks to all who have contributed, I've had a look over the internet and there are loads of people reporting this across this forum , the French car , the rac and honest John's forums.

It's a disgrace that PSA can deny knowledge of this issue and get away with it due to our piss poor consumer protection.


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I've increased the pressure in the rears to 3.3 bar, just above the recommended 3.2 bar fully loaded.
Now I wait and see !


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