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[Engine] fuel pump not priming after clutch change 2003 1.6i
Hi, 1st post here although this forum has helped me many times over the 4 years of my multispace ownership  Smile ive been and still am a Honda man for 13 years and have built up a few from scratch.

Changed the clutch at the weekend, all back together no problem. went to start the car and nothing, after going over every possibility I put some petrol into each cylinder and it started straightaway, so that ruled out the ignition/starter system.
Finally discovered that the fuel pump wasn't priming so more searching showed how to get to the pump, Ive put 12v feed directly to it and it works.
I then started the car with the separate feed running, took the feed off and it randomly carried on working by itself.  Turned engine off and on a few times, left a few hours and repeated... fuel pump priming every time.
But, and there always is!  Fuel gauge now only reads at 1/4 tank even though I know there is half a tank in there, even with the fuel pump connector disconnected it shows as 1/4 tank.  I know I thought, BSI reset....(done this a few times) done again now fuel pump is not priming anymore.  There is obviously a dodgy wire or earth somewhere but for the life of me dont know where.  I only disconnected 3 wiring connectors when taking gearbox off and the 2 earths on the gearbox, these are all back together and connected securely.
Is there anything else I can check before I just wire in a kill switch to manually operate the fuel pump?  Ive had a good search around, but most of the threads relate to the diesel variant of the lingo, and not the petrol

cheers for any help
My first port of call now would be find the inertia switch and press that. Not sure exactly where it is on your model have a good look round the engine bay it will be a large black or red button.
thanks. In the end I wired up a switched live to the fuel pump, and while putting the loom backup I could hear the pump coming on and off. turns out tis a dodgy/broken wire right by the connector on the pump or the connector itself. ive closed up all the contacts and its been ok since. ive left the switched live wiring as a backup.... just in case Smile
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Thanks for the update hopefully it may be of use to someone else in the future.

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