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Split Charging - VSR - Routing cables
I'm about to embark on a Berlingo Camper conversion - 64 plate Enterprise Van.
Part of the plan is to put in a leisure battery with solar panel, but I also want to use the alternator to charge via a VSR to create a split charging system.

At the very least I want to run the cables from the engine bay to the rear as one of my first jobs so I have them in place for when I want to get the split charge system running.

What's the best way and route to run two suitable gauge cables from the starter battery to the back?
Is there a preferred or obvious route through the cabin area? Around the sides? Under the centre/middle?

The leisure battery will likely be located in the centre line of the van close to the seats.
split charge system may not will have cambus you will need a dc to dc charger..[not cheap]...........route wire thru bonnet cable catch......
How do you mean it will have Cambus electrics?

The VSR I'm looking at is a very simple unit that just triggers above and below and certain voltage. No mention of Cambus or anything remote intelligent.
With the modern car being all electronic....the electrics,is very sensitive to adding anything electrical items to the cars system....after market addons thats why u need dc to dc charger...which is compatible with can - bus system of your van/ the older cars you could fit any electrical items....
                google/youtube.....:can-bus/dc to dc charger
                                            [p.s. the new clever alternators fitted nowadays won't always output 12 to 13 volts, which is needed to charge your second battery]
A 64 plate won't have smart alternator. I took my split charge from the positive battery post, into the fuse, into the maypole voltage sensing relay and off down under the passenger seat to my leisure battery.
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  • Little boy blue
                              read this.....asuming yours is a berlingo/peugeot tepee B9
Exactly as BerlingoAndy.
Did this without any problems.
You can see all the details with photos in my thread on this forum.
Apologies for it being a long thread.
i was in formed by an auto electrician all, EURO 5&6,are controlled via the ECU....including the alternator.....and need to be fitted with dc to dc charger [up to £400]......So looks like there's needs to be more debate on this subject..
            does it matter which system we use.....What your views on this..
My Berlingo is a 61 plate, I put a smart split charger from my trailer place, cost me £30 (30ah one) charges my batterys fine max out put is 14.3amp, but it is only 30amp slow to charge batterys, took it off the terminals next to the battery.
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