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2019 Berlingo Tables
Yet another Newbie here.
We collected our 2019 Berlingo in April of this year.
I was a little surprised when I discovered the tables attached to the rear of the front seats is at best, useless and at worst, dangerous.
My son placed a fizzy drinks bottle on the table, when the table gave way, (pleased the bottle cap was sealed).
I phoned my brother in law, who also purchased a new 2019 Berlingo, 2 days prior. He confirmed that his tables were the same. His granddaughter had placed an opened fizzy drinks can on the table, with the same result, (he ended up with fizzy drink stuck to the floor of his 4 day old Berlingo).
 My brother in law, previous to this Berlingo, owned a 2015 reg Berlingo and he told me the tables on that, (and his 2 even earlier Berlingo's) were a lot more solid when in the down position than on the 2019 model.
Separately, we both paid a visit to the Berlingo dealership. We both were told, "Oh, no one else has mentioned this problem. We will contact Citroen and ask them".
I waited until July 2018 with no answer, so I sent an email explaining I had visited the dealership and they had promised to contact Citroen, but I have heard nothing since.
Citroen's reply of, "You need to contact the dealership" was not very helpful.
My question is this. Has anyone else found the tables in their 2019 Berlingo's to be of the same build quality?
Sorry to hear of this but not unexpected as a neighbour has had the same problem with his grandson.

He wasn't best impressed when I told him he was at fault ( with more colourful words of course ) for allowing children loose with ( food ) and drinks in a new car.

He didn't speak for a few days but eventually the steam stopped coming out of his ears and we had a cuppa and a laugh about it.

I hope we won't fall out over this .....

By the way welcome to the Forum hope you settle in well and that all your troubles are little ones.
Welcome to the berlingo forum, good to have you with us .
That sounds just about right answer from Citroen , got your money were OK , never heard of that , pass the buck, sound,s much like a government i know.
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I've had my 2019 Berlingo for a few months but today I decided to sit in the back, have the sliding door open and paint a particularly appealing view.  I put up the table, popped a few things on it - and I mean just a few - 5 tubes of oil paint and the table folded of its own accord.  I see from this forum that this is not unusual.  I really wanted to have the tables to use for just this purpose and I am feeling quite irate.  Also what possible use is that hole?  I can't find a cup that fits it and to be honest I don't think Id trust the table to hold a cup of coffee.  
I phoned the dealership to be told that they'd not heard of this problem! Am I the only person who thinks a table should be man enough to hold 5 tubes of paint without giving way or that if I have a table with a hole for a cup - or does it have another use? - that it should hold a cup and that the table should be safe to hold a cup properly?
Frustratedly yours! L

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