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MK1 tail gate inside cover removel
Hi all, new boy here. I own a mk1 multispace, it has the incredably slow 1.9d from the c15 in it after it was updated for Noahs ark. Any way i digress, the upside of this is great mpg and a slow steady ride in good comfort. but it has a rattle and its one of those rattles thats now drive so far it my head i need either to throw shed load of blankets and coats over the back seat to muffle it or to have the radio so loud the front windscreen is liablel to pop out. This rattle is the rear tail gate inside grey plastic cover. we have tried several ideas to kill it.

I tried clear gripfill/no nails i tried super glue and epoxy resin. all failed after a few times of me slaming the boot down. my maain issue is that half the clips holding  the white clips had broken, this causes over strain to every thing else and it all falls down again.

[Image: kFFwMkS.jpg]

this is what i should have, plastic rivet and a decent well formed holder.

[Image: c1axdZm.jpg]
this is what i have, a snapped, snap clip, clip holder, either way its knackered and more usless than a leaky tea cup!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is what we looded like with no nails stuff,
[Image: B4QapZS.jpg]
as you can see i went for the " put it on with a shovel" technique, which of course failed utterly.

what we neded up doing is pulling the board off completly, thats a simple case of removing the pull handle top handle cover undoing the two screws inside the handle and a sharp tug inone corner of the now half hanging off panel to release every thing.

After that we went for the full hot soapy wask and dry and after me we did the tail gate as well, as we were at it we alsso removed the two air vents and scrubed the gunk out of those and the blue steel frame of the door and frame work too.
[Image: IZhtrLE.jpg]

[Image: sV3XXKy.jpg]

the general   idea is to remove this panel a few more times over the summer for modifications and the like and doont really want to reach for the four nails and big hammer quite yet, but we do have many nails available if required, butif posible i do want to keep the panel removable on snap clips.

after a big scrub up i went first for the alardite epoxy glue, the idea here is to add a small amount inbetween the clips and what little is left on the plastic stub of the snap clip holder.

after that i went to aan old friend of mine and thats epoxy putty or MILLIPUT if your in the uk, its a two pack mix together putty that is niegh on indestructable. we use it at work for all sortsof stuff and its a great product. so this time what we wanted to do is to encase the head of the white snap rivet  aswell as bondit to the structure of the snapped rivet   frame.
[Image: 8Kx4rn0.jpg]

its a mess but thats because i am a gorilla with fat  fingers. after the  first one was done we went round mending all the rest   of the damaged ones and tried glue on the other two plus  one we tried the plastic welding with a cable tie and soldering iron
[Image: cAEHA9d.jpg]

[Image: YdVMVgN.jpg]

[Image: tt7N81A.jpg]

you can see from this rivet i have encased the base and the head but left the rivet  flat section and spring piece free and clear, hopefully allowing it to function propperly.

worst case event and after i have added all the mods its going to get a tube of TIGER SEAL on it and royally fixed for life

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  • saskak
Many thanks for the write up. I have the same annoying rattle in the tailgate. I already tried the rubber modified rivets instead of the all plastic ones, but the rattle is still there.

Let us know if fixing the rivets to the plastic cures the rattle.

smile, you are alive!
So Milliput sticks to that plastic?
(Most glues and cements have a hard time on it)

Nice to know.
I always have a package or three of Extra fine Milliput at home...
(I use it for one of my other hobbies; painting miniatures, where I use it to fill gaps)
One of the best products to come from England, really. After Yorkshire Tea and Bassetts Allsorts...

One tip when handling the stuff; after kneading it and placing a lump in the right position, rub a small amount of vaseline on your fingers, or whatever tool you use to smooth it down. It works wonders. (When I use a tool, I dip it in the vaseline tub, then wipe it off against my hand. Then, as the tool 'dries up' I just rub it against the spot on my hand to apply more)
This goes for all these epoxy putties.
so far its lasted a week and few dozen boot slams and is still holding.
Gadetman, i roughed up the area first with 80 grit sand paper, thats the reason why the surrounds look smeared, i have used epoxy resin glue and dried sand before now on a project to form a rough key. here i only used sand paper. Its a last ditch attempt before reaching for the bucket of nails to fix it.

Someone mentioned to me this week to add 50mm long sections of double sided foam tape to the high spots around the fixings. they are small enough to tear open when you remove the cover but kill the vibes and rattles as you go along, which once i have finished adding every thing to the rear door and i aam finally ready to seal it for good i might just do that.

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