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2004 1.9D Gear Linkage Woes
As per the title I have a 2004 1.9D Multispace that has left me stranded this morning due to a duff gear linkage.

Putting the car into revers has been taking a little more effort than usual recently and this morning when I went to reverse out of a parking spot the gear lever became properly stuck when I tried to go into 1st.  After giving it a bit of brute force the gear stick moved but the car was still in reverse and I ended up having to ask someone to push me back into the parking spot so I wasn't block the car park.

I had a quick look under the bonnet and could see the gear linkage had popped off it's ball joint but being on my own and having no tools I ended up having to get the RAC out and he managed to get it all back together and I was able to nurse the car the 20 odd miles home. 

The car will change gear OK but the ball joint pops back out if I try and put it in reverse so it's not really usable at the moment.  I've had a look for replacement linkage parts but everything I see is for the 3 short link rods which on my car are fine.  It is the longer selector rod that goes under the car and connects to the gear stick in the cab, it has popped off the ball joint that is attached to the transmission housing.

There is a link to a diagram of the affected part below.

Does anyone have a part number for this particular part or am I able to buy the bushing seperately and press it in myself?
Hi and welcome to the forum.

I had a similar problem with mine only last week, except mine was stuck in third gear. I had been too heavyhanded trying to get it into gear after my clutch cable had failed, the gear lever popped and thus stuck in the gear I had been trying to select.

The part that needed replacing on mine was the thin rod with the ball joint type bushing.

I got a secondhand one from my local breakers for a tenner and had it fitted (I'm no mechanic) and it's fine now.

Hope it's nothing more than that for you.

There are parts available on ebay . I got a set but they are not the best quality but they got me going again
search for Citroen berlingo gear linkages . The long linkage thread was too small for the nut to tighten up properly but a bash with a hammer on the female end to squash it helped .
2001 1.9d DW8B  Berlingo

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