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Petrol in to Diesel(:
Wasn't having a great day yesterday. Lost my Wallet in the morning. Then went to get Fuel and ended up putting Petrol in to the Berlingo which is a 1.6HDI 06 plate Desire Model  Angry
I had a bout a quarter Tank of Diesel when I put about £12 pounds worth of Unleaded in. Promptly put £30 of Diesel. Started OK and has been running sort of OK since. I noticed the Power is down slightly. I'm not sure what will happen over a period of time,I'm thinking of topping the Tank up to full with Diesel.What I'm more worried about is damage to the Injector/Pump Seals,due to the Petrol doing some damage. Would anyone know if this is a possibility ?
Top it up with as much diesel as you can get in and then run it right down if you don't want to get the tank drained. Put a shot of two stroke oil in with it if you can get hold of any.
So where does this bit go then ?
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As ffrenchie says two stroke oil is okay and make sure you fill the tank up with diesel all the time. Even better get a bottle of Millers and tip the lot in.

The petrol can cause damage to the pump because it does not lubricate like diesel, it can also cause pre combustion and drop the cetane rating of the fuel, that may be why you feel down on power.

It sound like you had a shite day mate - are you sure you lost your wallet - i thought that some years ago - not so when it traced it back it was taken, they are good at it its their job to pick your pocket. I could not believe it could happen to me but im sure it did.

What's done is done but you can limit or even stop any damage by doing the above.
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Interesting idea about the 2-stroke oil, makes absolute sense though. You can buy good 2 stroke oil at Toolstation, seems that they even do a '1-shot' bottle for mixing into 5L of fuel. Some Millers would maybe be a good idea to bring up the Cetane & add a spot of lube.
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Many thanks for all the replies.
will source abottle of 2 stroke today and also if i can find some Millers also.
Hope it all goes well ?

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