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[Engine] Persistent MAF issue again?!
Ok, I’m running a ‘55 plate 2.0hdi and have had it for a year or so now, highly delighted with its simple and effective (cheap!) demeanour!
However, it has 150k on the clock and I have been running it with the plug off the MAF. Well, the recent hot weather has meant extended use of the A/C and consequently a bit of a hit in the fuel cost dept. 
Well this set me thinking, and I went out and spent £85 on a new MAF (Hella) ‘cos I’d read not to buy cheapo ones off eBay. Long story short, I’ve now got no low down power (below 2700?), but, when the power kicks in, it feels like more torque/power?

Now, I don’t wanna give up on fixing the overriding issue just yet, any suggestions?
Before, with the MAF unplugged the van was running fine, if a little slow and juicy. Now it’s down right dangerous on the pull away!

I know this is an often documented issue but the solutions seem to be scarce?
2.0hdi Berlingo ‘05
I must remember to listen first, then apply the hammer ? 
First item on the shopping list should be an OBD reader & the Torque app. Check if you have any fault codes (maybe one needs to be cleared), and also check the real time values for things like boost, air temp etc.
Did the EML come on with the MAF disconnected?

Might also be worth getting the aircon re-gassed, there is (was?) a good deal going via Groupon /ATS. If the gas pressure is low, the compressor will need to work harder, so will take more power from the engine. My 2.0 aircon used 10mpg last year in June.
Thanks Cancunia, I’ll persuade a mate to lend me a reader and see what that turns up.

Good thinking on the a/c too - I’m seeing a similar level of hit in mpg.

Will update next few days, once a fault code read and reset sorted.

Incidentally old MAF lit an EML when plugged in. With the plug out, no EML. New MAF no EML, but no low down power?!
2.0hdi Berlingo ‘05
I must remember to listen first, then apply the hammer ? 

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