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Spanner symbol, now also warning triangle
Hello folks,
I'm at a total loss as to what is going on here. Tepee Outdoor 1.6 diesel, NOT ADBLUE, 2015 purchased Feb. this year. Mileage now is 20976 and I have only done 1170 since purchase, mainly motorway and dual carriageway because I have been holidaying.

Earlier this week the spanner symbol came up in front of the miles and 400 showing in the display before I started the engine. Went out shopping a few times during the week and the 400 was still showing at start up. I was expecting it to count down.
Today the warning triangle appeared and the 400 has become -50 (minus 50).
The vehicle is running perfectly. Nothing obvious at all in the way of a fault. Put the OBD2 on it today, very limited use from what I have read on this better than excellent forum, and no fault codes or faults showing. I do not have Lexia/Diagbox --------- yet.
Vehicle had a full service just before I bought it and not due again until 28000 miles/Feb. 2020.

My big worry is that the STOP warning will appear before I have sorted this problem out. Loads of appointments coming up in the next few weeks so I am in mega panic mode. Only good thing is that I will get sloshed later because it is my birthday. Please be gentle to this old man!
I think your problem is nothing more that the service counter on the car was not reset when it had the service in February.

The spanner and the 400 is the miles until service, you won't see it count down in miles IE. 399, 398 etc as it does it in blocks of 50 I think.
The service counter also works on elapsed time, if the counter is reset on a date the service due will come on in one years time from the date it was reset regardless of mileage . . . well it will come on a little before like yours did (400 miles until service)

The reason you seen the service counter go from 400 miles to - 50 in a couple of days was because the 400 was based on the previous driving patten and the computer estimated that you had 400 miles left to the service date when the message appeared, if you are now not doing many miles but the service date is getting closer you will see the 400 rapidly disappear as you did.

Just reset the service counter as shown in the link below.

Happy Birthday, many happy returns.

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
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.........same as peugeot jj9 said.......
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Sounds like it has ran over the service counter
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The yellow triangle also comes on after a bit if you ignore the service spanner, easy to reset, just hold the trip button down and then switch the ignition on, hold until the timer starts or stops, one of the two anyway.
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Hi all,
Job done Smile
Many thanks for taking the time and all of the useful information.
Have a nice weekend.

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