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[Engine] Turbo Changed For New Unit Now Have Fault Codes P1497 & P2562
Hi All,

I had a previous thread about noises and loss of oil but no leaks from my car. This was found to be the turbo and a new unit was ordered to replace it. The thread for that can be found here

Now its moved on to a whole new issue with two persistent fault codes and the car going in to limp mode every time it is accelerated or revved. 

The turbo was changed for a brand new Mitsubishi unit supplied by citroen and fitted by the Honda dealership i use for all my work. They have exhausted every kind of physical and diagnostic check they can do but fault codes P1497 & P2562 still persist with the car dropping in to limp mode after throttle is applied. The garage has a delphi diagnostic scanner newly updated to find the latest codes but no other codes or issues are present except for these codes. Live data on vacuum and all related sensors has been checked and seems to be within normal parameters. Citroen have been consulted and said this is the first time they have seen this issue as normally the turbos are plug and go from fitting. As a result the car now has to go to citroen to see if their is something they can find using their own diagnostic equipment. Problem for me at the moment is that i am fast running out of cash and if citroen cant find this in the next couple of days im not going to have the cash to do any more work to it. Including the turbo so far the last 6 weeks i have spent two and a half K on it.

The car is a 16 plate 1.6 adblue 100 berlingo with 235K on the clock and in general ran really well up until the last 6-8 weeks where the DPF has been replaced for a citroen DPF, its blew a high pressure fuel line, some suspension work and now the turbo. The car is being taken to citroen just before lunch on monday so im looking for some advice to see if anyone has seen these codes and has found a solution to them.

If there is something i can suggest to them to do before they have to take it to citroen it would be ideal. The best they can come up with at the moment is that it is a programming issue, an update issue or a faulty unit. All wiring and harnesses plus connections have been checked but still we have the issue. The seem to believe that although the actuator seems to be working perfect when vacuum is applied that either it is not correctly reporting its positioning to the ECU or that the ECU is not recognising the data that is being sent to it??

Any help would be appreciated 


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Those sound like generic OBDII codes, air leak and turbo boost position controller. Let the Citroen garage look at it with the Citroen reader you will get a more specific picture of what is happening.
So where does this bit go then ?
Hi ffrenchie,

The garage has went through all the hose checks and cannot find anything also the whole turbo was renewed for a new one so the actuator and all the sensors are all brand new. Im hoping its an easy fix or that they can confirm the new turbo is faulty and just change it.

Ok so we have a partial resolution to the problem. I suggested on Saturday to change the actuator on the new one for my old one which was working. They were a bit uneasy about this because it’s a complete unit but decided to go ahead with it this morning. Put it on programmed it and away the car went no problem at all.

The only issue we have now is that it has to be diagnosed by Citroen who will then need to submit a warranty claim for the turbo. Currently we have no idea how long this will take but hopefully not much more than a couple of days.
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Interesting update thanks.
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Like Geoff says, thanks for the update. Interesting to know that the later engines have some more direct feedback from the actuator. My guess is that if you hadn't managed to persuade them to swap the actuators, you may well have gone through a lengthy set of other swap outs.
(30-07-2019, 05:07 AM)cancunia Wrote:  Like Geoff says, thanks for the update. Interesting to know that the later engines have some more direct feedback from the actuator. My guess is that if you hadn't managed to persuade them to swap the actuators, you may well have gone through a lengthy set of other swap outs.

It’s a possibility I have no idea what their procedure would be here. They still wanted the car to go to Citroen for official diagnosis but my service manager managed to convince them that it is definitely the actuator and get them to send a new turbo without verification of the problem. I was sorely tempted if they were gonna take a while at that to just fit the old one and go just take the change on it as every day I’m off I’m loosing a min £80 plus paying out too. However as it has worked out I should have car back this afternoon provided the other turbo has came in parts delivery this morning. It is pretty bad though that thee turbo is faulty straight out the box not something I have experienced with Citroen parts before.

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