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[Steering & Suspension] Part number ?
Quick question ...

What's the part number on the LEFT rear suspension arm on a 2000 Belingo van, 1.4i petrol
Without ABS , or doesn't it matter  ? , are there many variabels ?

Have found multible numbers, not sure what's correct Confused

That suspension arm has a needle bearing where it pivots, and there's both an anti-roll bar and a Torsion bar that needs to be disconnected and reconnected. And the Torsion bar is pretensioned.

It's not a part that's practical to replace at home.
You can get a recon rear axle assembly at for 4999.- delivered to your home.
(You may want to ask if it has the grease nipple mod to protect the needle bearings)
You will also want new hubs(you can't get the bearing races of whole off of the old spindles), possibly new shocks, and the rear rubber mounts.

I did the work myself, with a recon unit after I broke one of the torsion bars on my 1999 model.

You will need 24mm sockets and spanners to remove the shocks(if nothing else you want the bolts), a long Torx bit that fits the bolt holding the rearrubber mount to the frame.(there's a small, round hole on the underside of the beam that the Torx tool will need to pass through. I found a suitable set at Biltema, I can try to find the SKU#)
You'll also need a large torque wrench capable of 150nm for the hub nut.

It IS possible to get the brakes off the arm and axle assembly without disconnecting them, but you will need to disconnect the handbrake.

Yes, ABS/non ABS matters as there's different hubs for them. (There's a toothed sensor ring on the ABS version)
Besides the axle assembly itself, there's no really expensive parts.
Got it apart already, the main reason were the torsion bar broke, and the pice is stuck... therfore easier to replace the suspension arm :-)
Just want the car to live one more year :-)

Just want to be sure to find the right part#, my old part got the# 9634828 010 on it, if it helps ...

Unless you go to a breakers yard you won't be able to get that arm, and they're more likely to want to either sell you the entire assembly, or intend to sell it to one of the rebuild companies out there.
ANd the same really goes for the Torsion bars.
(Yeah, you want to replace both of those. )
Already got the the Torsion bars ( new ) :-), so for now I am just looking for the part#

Have found a lot rarer parts ;-) so ...

Well, if you manage to do the replacement, remember to post the procedure here.

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