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Water in passenger footwell
After the heavens opened recently with heavy rain all day, the passenger footwell has decided to collect 2" of water.

It did it whilst parked at work, so its not a mechanical problem. Looking back i did see a bit of water on the rubber passenger mat a little while ago, but this has gone to a whole new level.

I've checked the water level and its still at max, so i don't suspect the heater matrix. The door seals are intact and  i would guess it must be coming from above the footwell to pool. 

If i was coming from underneath, gravity would mean the carpet would be just damp and would drain away.....

I've sucked up the water and i'm hoping this is common problem with a simple fix.

where should i be looking first ?
Very common problem remove wipers and scuttle panel give it a dam good clean out drain points each side will be blocked
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Thats really good to know, ill try that on my day off.

I got half a bucket of compost out of mine when I did it , there are two deep wells one either side that gather debris and leaves over the years. Check the water in the footwell is not from the heater matrix though just to be on the safe side as it takes a lot to show up on the level in the header tank.
So where does this bit go then ?
One more: sometimes the water comes from the anthenna on the roof

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Drivers side drain on mine was blocked with leaves and I think that was the cause of my bus unit failing, through damp getting at it.
Is there an electrical unit under the carpet in the passenger foot well ?

I’ve sucked all the water out with a carpet cleaner, but last night on the way home the battery light came on and wouldn’t go off until I reduced the load on the battery, by turning the radio/heater and headlights off.

Did this six times in 20 miles, sounds to me like an alternator problem but I don’t know what this “bus” unit does ?
I think 'bus' is probably BSI, getting water / damp in the BSI due to blocked drains a fairly common problem on the M59.
Not sure what's in the passenger footwell if anything, but probably worth taking a look at the driver's side for damp too.
Update: Passenger side scuttle drain was clear but drivers side full of leaves / mud etc.

Not sure how drivers side would affect the passenger side but both sides were flushed out and now draining properly.

The battery tester tested the battery which just started the engine at 11.5v but showed no output from the  charging system so I guess a new alternator.

Can’t see the two issues being linked, just unlucky I think.
Sometimes after rain my driver's side seatbelt is damp. Any ideas on how that can happen?

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