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Have I broken my customers bsi? !
Hello all, I am new to here and thank you all for your time reading!

Short story, a customer came in to me with an 05  berlingo, asking for a boot jump and an mot. No problem I said. 

He said, if you can, can you fix the central locking? No problem I said.
We made the conversion, everything absolutely stunning, all sorted, so central locking next, easy huh!?
The vehicle would lock (note it has no fob or radio only a physical key) in the door happily but would not unlock, this was unison for all doors, after a bit of research i believed it to be the unlock relay on the bsi unit.....

I took the battery off, unplugged the many plugs to bsi, split the boards carefully, tested and found the relay to be faulty, went to local breakers, found an old bsi, tested and swapped relay, easy! 

Refitted bsi, put battery back in and now I have nothing,  a couple lights on the dash, the car turns over but does not start, the locking doesn't work and from the second of turning key on the wipers work themselves on constant slow speed, turn key off, wipers stop. Tried the tricks for bsi reset and zero joy. No interior lights, no nothing! Checked and checked all loom plugs many times, nothing changes, still a couple lights on dash, engine turns over but won't fire wipers on constant, headlights don't work on stalk etc. 

Customers car and I'm now in the s*** as he's expecting it back in 5 days complete. Oh fudge! What have I done wrong?! P.s I've been in the trade and very long time, I'm not normally stupid, but this one has got me stumped,  very odd! Thank you all very much for any help you may have!!!!! Scott @ Devon Conversions.
Welcome to the forum Scott.
From what you've written it does look like the BSI is at fault as most if not all electrical functions come from there.
If you have access to Lexia / Diagbox you can see what the diagnostics think is wrong.
The quickest way to get this fixed is probably via a BSI refurb company like BBA Reman, there are probably other companies that do the same thing so a look around on here and an Internet search might be in order.
If you get a refurbed BSI, it may need to be configured to match the car immobiliser & keys etc, if so you will need access to Lexia / Diagbox. BBA Reman state that the original config will be kept so you may be luck in that respect.
I'm sure that others on here will also be able to offer suggestions.
I may be wrong but the secondhand bsi must match the spec and functions of the old one. Have a look at also.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
I updated my post after Tomcat3's reply due to some typo's that I made. Looks like the OP only swapped a relay from the scrap BSI? But if it was the entire BSI or major parts from it, then yes it will probably not work too well.
i would replace the old relay - also have you done a BSI shutdown and restart procedure?
The original bsi remains, it was only the relay that was replaced, I think the only option i have is to send it away, gutted!
(19-08-2019, 09:21 PM)Devon-conversions Wrote:  The original bsi remains, it was only the relay that was replaced, I think the only option i have is to send it away, gutted!

Read my above post - cant you refit the old relay and do a bsi reset?

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