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preps for a long distance drive
Looking next year on doing a long distance drive, 5000 miles over six weeks into europe as a driving holiday tour. I want to do Nordkapp via Norway up and Sweeden down, roughly June onwards ish or late April ish. not decided when yet

any suggestions other than watch ,wallet and toothbrush should i be taking.

its a B49, 1.9, weight is a concern so i dont want a million tools.
where i aam right now is is one spare tyre and wheel, plus a couple of cans of tyre foam just incase i get two punctures, getting spare tyres should not be that much of an issue.
I know i want a sump gaurd, as there are forestry roads involved, maybe even the plastic engine undercover too.
I want some form of boot jump, but i also need all four seats to work.

I know the engine is good and every thing mechcanical is sound and very well looked after, had the belts done this year. the pads and running gear will get a good checking before we go, its on its original clutch and 150k so that might get done anyway.

other than filters and fluids she is good to go,
any suggestions for either before trip works or preps please
Make sure your exhaust system is in excellent condition !!
I would suggest a full service before you go, and check out where there are any spares/repair outlets on your route if this is possible, and/or take a few spare service items that you may carry as a matter of course.

The way I see it is that you are simply cramming the few thousand miles into a few weeks rather than over the time you would normally cover the same mileage. If the vehicle is ship shape before you go, I can't really see that you would have much to worry about (hopefully)!

Best wishes,

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Full service, and make certain your tires are reasonably new. Some of the roads have surfaces with higher friction that you would expect, and they wear down the tires faster.
Have a can of coolant ready for long uphills...

If you decide to go in april, expect that some touristy roads in Norway won't yet be open.
Trollstigen in Møre & Romsdal usually opens mid- late May.
Also, it will probably be too cold for bootcamping.

Why forestry roads?
Public roads in Norway are often bad enough, why take chances?

Here's a video I made taking a mountain pass locally...
This one was filmed on an island Smøla, north of where I live, on June 30th last year... at 10pm...
If you plan to use a bootjump in the summer, get some good drapes to block out the light...

Good info about camping in Norway;
Pay particular attention the bit about 'the right of access' if you plan to 'camp wild'

Driving lights are required all day. Speed limits are not always posted.
the general rule is that it's 50Km/h in towns and other built-up areas, and 80Km/h outside. Transitions will be posted, (with '50' signes and crossed out signs) and all areas with speeds differing will have signs posted every 500 meters or so.
If you see a 'sharp turn' sign with a speed limit underneath, SLOW THE ELF DOWN. It means a 'sharp as f*uck' turn coming up.
A sharp turn sign with a distance listed means that there will be several, and the first will be the way the sign indicates.

There are some loooong downhills here... The one on the road from Dombås down to Åndalsnes is about 10Km, and drops nearly 1000meters. Unless you're suicidal, take care to put your car in a lower gear when one of the downhills begins. This goes double for undersea tunnels. 7% slopes are common... some have up to 9%... riding the brakes can kill you.
If a forreign truck(as in 'not Norwegian') ends up behind you on such a downhill, throw your car into a bus pocket or other area you can stop on to get them past. Or even move into the other lane and slam on the brakes. Anything. Trucks built for the Norwegian market have a 'retarder' brake on the propshaft. Many forreigners doesn't...
And they usually have no clue as how to drive here.

Toll roads.
Most of our toll roads can be paid for with a prepaid 'Autopass' token, and you can pass the toll road at full driving speed, but that's only avaialble for forreign truckers, not usually tourists.
If you want to be able to pass without stopping, check this page:
And yes, you generally want to use the toll roads. Some of them replace a ferry route. Others replace a dangerous road prone to rockslides or other fun things...

The people directing you aboard doesn't have 'police authority' but they are the representative for a private company, and they CAN order you back on land. Be polite and follow their directions. DO NOT attempt to sneak past other cars in the queue. It can get ugly.
And yeah, they will accept VISA and possibly others. Probably not Diners, though.
But keep some cash on hand just in case. The ferry crews doesn't think 'not being able to pay' is fun. Returning to the dock and throwing you off, though, may bring a smile to their faces...
On some ferries, where they do the ticketing while enroute instead of on the docks, they will give you both a ticket and a card. Take good care of both. You hand the card to a deck crew as you disembark. If you don't have the card, expect to pay...
Oh, and the driver's fare is included in the ticket for the car. So a car with 4 adults is 'car and 3 adults'.
Child fare is 50%(ages 4 to 16. ) Younger than 4 travel for free. 'Honnør' rebate(50%. translates to 'salute rebate') for people aged 67 or over, the blind, and usually the significant other also. Handicapped or people with disabilities may have the right to have a companion also travelling with rebate. (Those usually requires papers you will have trouble getting hold of)
Electric and Hydrogen-powered vehicles have the right to a 50% rebate.

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