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Diy centre console
I have a 2015 multispace, which I think is great. My one gripe in the lack of centre console / arm rest.
I've seen they can be bought from various places, but they seem pretty expensive. 
Has anyone knocked up a diy version. I was thinking plyboard.
Any reason why this is a bad idea?
Many thanks
Started making one yesterday. Found this thread while searching for info as to how the centre plastic base plate is removed. Basically I'm making a plywood box dimensions 50cm(L)x20cm(H)X18cm(W) to sit on top of the plastic plate or replace it altogether. What it ends up like who knows Smile
This is what I have at the moment. Maybe something is missing. It would be easier to take it out altogether. Perhaps removing the two bolts might be the way to go

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Thanks for that. Lots of good ideas on Pinterest if you haven't looked already. Plywood and pocket screws will also be my way forward. Does your design take into account the handbrake?
The base plate covers a multitude of sins so it's staying put. I'll attach the box onto it   Smile

Hand brake and also seat belt fitting taken into consideration when thinking about the width of the box. Height was determined by where I want to set my cup of tea. Smile

Will try my box for size tomorrow and report back
Tried my box for size. At the base of the handbrake is a plastic shoulder which keeps the box out from the handbrake just enough room for my hands to operate it. There is an issue with safe access to the seat belt fitting. The side of the box is too high. I can think of two options. I can lower the back of box by cutting an indent into it. Another option is to move the box forward so that the rear of the box is forward of the seat belt fitting. This looks like the best option as it gives the best access. It will make attaching the box to the plastic base plate a little bit harder. The front of the box will almost touch the little plastic pocket just below the hazard warning light switch etc. Perhaps I could utilize this in some way as a mounting point.

Next job is to remove the plastic base plate. Maybe get that done tomorrow   Smile
Decided to reduce the height and width . The plywood box dimensions are now 50cm(L)x17cm(H)X14.5cm(W) I'm happy now with access to the seat belt fitting and and handbrake lever. Shy
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