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New Berlingo owners - are they any good?
Does anyone know where the oil filter is on the 2019 puretech 1.2, I guess it is right underneath engine I can't see it when I open the bonnet?

Also out of curiosity is the anyway of telling if a oil/air filter has been replaced via diagnostics or looking? The reason I ask is when you get a service it is obvious by looking at the dipstick if they have changed the oil, but you can't really check if they have changed the filters.
I guess you just have to hope they have, would be easy for them not to bother most people wouldn't be none the wiser?
Does anybody else find the standard tyres crap.
The tyres on my 19plate van appear to be wearing quickly , I have 30k on them atm .
On all of my vans I always fit Michelin energysavers.
I find they all wear at the same rate and I change all 4 at the same time.
Just changed my tyres at 35k. Went for primacy 4’s this time. Normally I stay with factory option being the energy saver but I’ve got the primacy on the grand Picasso and they’ve done 38k

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Previous Berlingo: 2015 1.6 L1850 90ps In Artic Steel inc Look Pack and Lighting Pack.

Current Berlingo: K9 2018 Driver M 100ps in Platinum Grey with Safety Pack
My 13D manual Flair in aqua green, has just had its 1st service at 6800 miles.
The faults were stop start not working most of the time because there appeared to be TOO many conditions given in the manual for it not to work.
The stop start seemed now and again to only work between 15C and 20C.
Post service ALL seems to be working ok.
Odd, cos I assumed the bit in the manual advising - if canin temp not met S/S not work.
Oh, the chassis of the 3rd gen is as per 3008/5008 Peugeot and NOT van type.
Its a tall heavy car, but SOAKS up the bumps AND unlike many cars, the suspension is lovely and does not bottom.
And a really good bit is the fuel consumption.
My car is 130 hp/ 220ftlb torque in first year of 6800 miles average 52.2 mpg.
Post recent service, the car is " peppier".
My best long run with just me driving, no load was 57mpg, today 3 of us and beach gear did 80 miles average 68mpg.
Such a notable change.
I had a Hyundai i201.lDiesel previous, complianed of the relative poor mpg (55).
Eventually ( at first service) met a knowledable technician, explained what I thought was lack of power every 15/ 20 minutes.
Well, with diesels, they burn extra into the catylist to cook off pollutants, was set too rich or too often.
From then on my average till I got the berlingo was 64mpg.
So possible same has been done to berlingo.
I have had 2 previous berlingos and a C3 picasso( which with its 1.6D was a lovely car to drive, nice chassis n suspension).
My current berlingo is on par with that car, but a bit softer on suspension
(11-09-2019, 04:10 PM)bodgers Wrote:  I would be interested it owners opinions about their new 3rd generation vehicles. How is the reliability? Do you regret your purchase?


Im driving for 3 months now 14000 km this car is really fun to drive had one minor issue with the frontbumper when i drove the highway it clicked out of place on the right side but this warranty and fix in one time.

I did last week chiptuning and went from 100 hp to 143 340 nm she is so bloody fast now .
I tried one run full speed 188 km it went to 180 in one run and the last 8 km took a little more time.
Fully loaded by the way 

Adblue warning came at 12000 km so thats according factory specs
I bought what is called in Germany a 'jahreswagen' some months ago (March 2020). It was a nearly new one, three months old and tends to be one of the pre-registered type - saves a hell of a lot of money. Mine had done 250km and saved me about 6000 Euros on a new one with the same specifications - well actually, I'm not sure as the options and specs are so complicated it was a bit difficult to work out.

Electric handbrake? I know some have them but mine doesn't.
Lane assist thing - pain in the proverbial. Have to keep remembering to switch it off otherwise it nearly catches me out, pulling to stay in the lane.
Stop/Start - as someone else, never quite worked out when it is supposed to work and when not. Seems random but I'm sure the car knows what it's doing.
Don't have the navigation option so the screen tends to be switched off more or less all the while as soon as I get in - plus the screen looks like it was an afterthought.
Why do I have heated front seats but you can't recline them all the way back?

My opinion is there are a few niggles for me, like no power point in the back, back seat backs are not adjustable etc and it's like Citroen spent money on putting somethings in (mainly electronic) rather than others regarding practicality and it may just be me that doesn't need some of the stuff but does need the other practical stuff.
No spare wheel but the gunge and pump option, yikes, don't want that so I've bought a spare wheel and tyre and a spare wheel carrier and put it on myself.

Done 18,000km in it since March which includes Germany to southern Spain and back and Germany to Croatia and back. It's a 1.2 petrol, has enough grunt for me and on the long runs does about the same economy as my old diesel Berlingo, so about 6.4 litres per 100km (sorry, metric). I'm not so accurate in that figure though as I only go by what the computer tells me and it's probably about right I suppose. not sure.

The whole car rides well, smooth, spacious, enough power for me - but I don't know, but the whole thing feels a bit 'tinnier' that my old 1.6 diesel Multispace. Doors sound different when I shut them things like that.
Had one problem. Started it up after a short coffee stop, misfiring and no power. Warning came on saying Engine Fault but didn't specify what. I'm in the ADAC, the German AA or RAC. They came and took it away to a dealer as nothing could be done at the roadside.
The nice ADAC arranged for a hire car for a couple of days but the dealer told us the next day he'd sorted it by cleaning spark plugs or something like that. He said even thought the engine specifications allow for cheap petrol quality at garages, best put mid-range stuff in and every four or five fill-ups, put the best stuff in.
Repair cost was nothing as still under guarantee.

I do admit this was after coming through Spain, France and Luxembourg and due to the motorway fuel costs, I was putting the cheaper stuff in.
But - no problems otherwise and none for 4000km after that incident so far (crossed fingers).
Immense storage space seems to dazzle my wife into buying all sorts of plants, trees, Ikea furniture and whatever and when I ask if we'll fit it in (whatever it is) she'll say no problem, we can get the Universe in their if we pack it properly.
Had my 19 plate lwb van for a year now only 11000 miles issues I have had are minor just rear number plate lights break easy when washing it plastic clips snap and end up rattling in the door, screen sometimes go's blank but soon comes back on after a restarting of the engine, Plastic trim pops away nr drivers door. I have taken a 4 yr warranty plan so apart from changing the lights I will mention the other stuff when the 2yr service comes in.
Extras done roof rails added off ebay tow bar and rear seats added just want something easy and that is seat covers for the front and a side window for the pass side door none are able to buy anywhere.

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