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Speedo not working Please help
hi so i have a 53 plate berlingo (m59) and the speedo isn't working
i have tried changing the speed sensor (prev owner done twice as well) and checked the plastic pinion gear.
i have also changed the instrument cluster with 1 from a 206 (same part number below the stoplight).
i have connected my phone to the ecu using a elm327 and torque pro app and the ecu isnt seeing a speed ether so its a issue before that.
i have just been out and reached behind the engine unplugged the plug from the speed sensor and pin 1 is getting a constant ground it also has a resistance connection to fuse 1 in the engine bay fuse box as i was following the wiring diagram linked below pin 2 has no connection to ground like i believe it should according to that diagram

could some one check that i am checking the pins correctly also does anyone know where the mm01 earth point is?? as if pin 2 is ment to be earth i believe that this earth point could be the issue but unsure why im getting earth on pin 1 

i should mention that this all started when the previous owner had to get the gearbox changed due to hitting a speed bump and cracking the housing so i believe it would be something caused by the replacement 

any help would be greatly appreciated as this is now annoying me
there were posts some time ago about speedos not working and it was the plastic teeth on the sensor being damaged when g/boxes were being changed. As far as I understand it was when the drive shaft was being refitted that if not done correctly it damaged the teeth.

The electrics on the berlingo were always a mystery with many different wiring diagrams and none the same.
I think the fuse box referred to in the diagram is the passenger side fuse box (PSF1 ) the one under the steering wheel. , not the engine bay one.
2001 1.9d DW8B  Berlingo
Yh i read about the gears getting damaged so checked them and they where fine I spun the gear with my drill and wasnt getting a speed atall 

And airline the 1 under the steering wheel would be the bsi fuses? As that's where the bsi is??  ?? hate dealing with electrics but wanna fix this issue
On my M59 2.0 it was always the connector at the gearbox that was not making proper contact, I could never get it apart due to the aircon pipes but a wiggle always fixed it for a while. there are a few other posts on here about that but yours does seem a different problem.
Assuming the diagram is correct, I'm guessing that fuse F1 to P1 is the feed to the sensor, P2 is going to earth & P3 is the sensor output. So, you could check that P1 gets +12v with the ignition on. If (!) P2 should be earthed, maybe you could rig a temporary earth. According to another document I have on the 2.0 injection pump, the vehicle speed goes to pin B1 on the 32 way grey connector on the ECU, the connector should be the nearest to the windscreen from what I can see. Your diagram also notes it's the 32 way grey connector row B.

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